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    Dear Depression

        Dear Depression,     It’s been a while, my old friend. A good few months since you last dragged me into the deep, dark pits of despair. Kicking and screaming, if I remember rightly? Claw marks in dirt, screeching like a banshee. I may have put up a fight, but you got me …

  • life writing

    Me, Myself and Depression

        “Today my forest is dark. The Trees are sad and all the butterflies have broken wings.” – Raine Cooper     I just can’t shake this feeling. I was okay for a while. My world had become colourful once again. I had even found my smile. I was in control, or at least, …

  • Depression life

    The Perfect Storm

    Depression, a storm cloud hanging over us. It’s inescapable. We try to run from it, only it follows our every move. We try to hide from it, only its two steps ahead of us. Suddenly, the clouds release a downfall of melancholy, lethargy, hopelessness and despair. Crashing down on us, beating us down. We lie …


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