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    My Big Fat Award Ceremony

      One Big Fat Award Ceremony   Ladies, pull on those sparkling dresses. Gentlemen, straighten those dickie bow-ties! That’s right….It’s time for MY BIG FAT AWARD CEREMONY! It’s a little like a Greek wedding, but without the plate smashing…and bride…and groom…and bridesmaids….and best-man…Okay, okay…It’s nothing like a Greek wedding! However, there WILL be dancing, and …

  • Awards and Milestones blogging


    It’s award time! Some of you will be jumping for joy, others will be grumbling “Oh, not another bloody award, I haven’t got time for this bulls***!”  If you fall in the latter, I apologize. If you like a good old award ceremony, please stay tuned! So shoot me, I actually like these awards and feel …


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