Aha! It’s the about page. A place where one brags about themselves in third person and relishes in their own sweet trumpeting tune. Well, I’m not going to do that. Truth be told, I don’t actually own a trumpet (wind percussion isn’t really my thing. The xylophone…Yes! But wait, we’re going off on a tangent here…. )

I am, however, the owner of a pretty vibrant imagination and a mind that is continuously sparking with ideas. But, as wonderful as it is to have fireworks flying around in my head, it can prove problematic at times; especially when I can’t catch a wink of sleep because I’m constantly rolling over to scribble down my thoughts, or worst still, when I walk ‘SPLAT, BANG’ into a lamppost as I enthusiastically type away into my iPhone notes (Yes, this has happened to me on numerous occasions.)

So, what better way than to unleash these flying sparks upon the walls of my very own blog? It only makes sense, right?

I guess I should stop rambling on about flying sparks and sleepless nights, and introduce myself. You might be wondering….


Who the heck is this accident-prone, sleep-deprived woman with a love for xylophones and note-jotting?


girl on laptop cartoon

You see the person above, stuffing her face with Dorito’s as she taps away on her laptop? Yep, that’s me. Well, It’s not actually me, but this is how you might find me in the early hours of the morning. And yes, I admit, I’m slightly addicted to tea. Biscuits, too. And Dorito’s!


About Moi


I am a twenty-something *Coughs* Okay, okay… we all know “Twenty-something” means I am actually 29. Let’s start again… I’m a typical 29-year-old with a fondness for happy dancing, biscuit dunking, photography and all things 90’s (Lycra included!) I am also the proud owner of one career-driven (slightly hippy) humanitarian husband…


hippy man cartoon

…and three beautiful but – borderline insane – children. Children whom often drive me into an understair cupboard, in which I find myself rocking back and forth, back and fort….

understairs cartoon


Umm, where did I get to?


Ever since I can remember, I have been the ‘creative type’. If I wasn’t making perfume from dead flowers or cakes out of inedible sources (Yeah, please don’t probe me any further on this!) then I was up in my room letting my imagination run as freely as the ink in my pen. A natural born writer, some might say. But then life took over, and writing became nothing but a distant blur.

18 months ago, I felt an overwhelming desire to rediscover my passion for writing, and, despite my techo-evading ways decided to start a blog. And so ‘Inside the Life of Moi’ was born, pink in the face and screaming… Or perhaps not? I believe it had a more discreet entry into the world, but still, I love it like a baby (<- Totally normal, right?)

I soon realised that not only was this blogging thing FREAKEN AWESOME, but this was ALL I wanted to do…


blogaholic cartoon


It’s true, I am a blogoholic and I’m not ashamed to say it!


Insidethelifeofmoi is my sanctuary, a little piece of haven, a place I come to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A cheap alternative to therapy that has helped pull me out of a pretty dark hole.


I am firm believer that the darker times in life can help bring out our true potentials. Just think, if life was plain-sailing and trouble-free, what the heck would we write about?


I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘hardcore’ blogger, by any means; I don’t have a planned schedule of blog topics or specific post days. I simply blog when I want to blog. That’s just the way I roll.  My writing style is a real mixed bag; from light-hearted pieces on nothing-in-particular to deep and meaningful bursts of inspiration, I like to think there’s a little something for everyone. I’m an ‘everyone’s cup of tea’ type of girl. Unless you prefer coffee, that is.

And wait, that’s not it… Things are ever-evolving around here. Once just a writer, I have now ventured into the world of vlogging (I know! What’s happening to me?) and more recently, I have embraced other talents hobbies; such as drawing (hence all the crazy cartoons darted around the place) and photography. “Will I ever sleep?” I ask myself…


wide awake in bed cartoon


Perhaps not?


Welcome onboard, Everyone!


Pull up a pew and make yourselves comfy. Throw on a robe and some sheepskin slippers, if you like?

I’ll go fetch the tea and biscuits

…or perhaps you’d like some champagne?

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