Hey, Everyone!


You might be wondering where I have been. Or, most probably, you have just been getting on with your everyday lives. Well, I just thought I would announce that I have birthed another…





And man, was it painful! Hours and hours of retakes, editing, re-retaking, re-editing… Oh, my DAYS! I could sleep for a week. But, as promised, I have answered all of your burning questions via vlog, and here it is… fresh out of the vlogging womb and screaming “PLAY ME, PLAY ME!”


It only took me the better half of a week, but I got there in the end *The heavens open up and the angels begin to sing* Okay, so maybe I am being a wee bit melodramatic, and perhaps I even enjoyed it a little bit (Just an iddy biddy bit!) And practice makes perfect, right? I am by no means a vlogging pro, in fact, I’m still as unnatural as the Kardashian Klan, but heck… I’m awarding myself with a pat on the back *Tries to pat own back* Nope, it’s not working, my shoulder feels like it’s departing my body. I’ll settle for a sticker instead!


 Vloggers of the World Wide Web, I salute you!


It’s well overdue, but here it is…



Ask Me Anything: A Vlog




Please note: There were a few unresolved issues with the music *long sigh*, but the perfectionist in me, after messing around with damn thing too many days in a row, just had to… LET IT GO!  (Before she threw the damn laptop out of the window…jumped up and down on it…set fire to it… and then cried in heap on the floor.)

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