Imagine a simpler time…


It’s early evening. A well-groomed single gentleman pulls up in the front of a single lady’s home. He steps out of his car and saunters to her front door, obscuring a beautiful bouquet of flowers behind his back. As she steps outside, he places a courteous kiss upon her hand, tells her she looks divine and presents her with the sweet-smelling florist-bought flowers. “They are just beautiful” she gushes, her cheeks glowing a healthy shade of pink. He kindly offers an umbrella to shield her from the crashing raindrops as they hurry arm-in-arm to the car.

In true gentleman fashion, he escorts his date to the passenger side of his car and opens the door for her. She climbs in with poise without a flash of undergarment and almost immediately notices how spotless his car interior is (not a festering Costa Coffee cup in sight and certainly no Maccy D wrappers hanging out of the glove department.) They take the scenic route to a special destination wherein a reserved table at an elegant restaurant awaits. The gentleman pulls out a chair and she sits gracefully at the candlelit table. The pair order a bottle of wine (just the one) and conversations flows naturally into the night. After dessert, the gentleman hands over the bill and then drives the lady home. Accompanying her to her door, he tells her that it has been a pleasure and then departs.


online dating (Image source)


You may assume this is just a scene from some black and white film of yesteryear, but you are sadly mistaken. To older readers, the scenario above may hold a distant familiarity. But wistfully, for us 21-century folk, this is nothing but a sepia fantasy. Oh, how our modern hearts yearn for a love so pure and simple!

Dating has drastically changed over the decades. By the time I had landed myself on the dating scene, these retro dating habits had already found themselves at the brink of extinction. Fine wine and dining? Doubtful. Florist-bought flowers? Not a chance! Garage-bought flowers? If I’m lucky! Eating Maccy D’s in a dishevelled car? Now we’re talking!


Back in my day …


In the early naughties 00’s, we didn’t have the luxury of carrying a 24-7 singles bar in our pocket. A phone the size of a brick, maybe! But a Dating app. What’s that?  Let’s just say, our choices were somewhat limited. We had a restricted 40-mile radius to work with and would generally end up dating a friend of a friend of a friend. There was no ‘dating at our fingertips’. If we didn’t fall for our high school sweethearts, we had to go out and meet people in the “actual” flesh. I know, what a thought! Desperate for a date, we’d find ourselves at the local meat market nightclub. Of course, old-fashioned bopping and swaying had, by this point, transformed into hump and grind (I’m sorry. I meant bump and grind!) and there was more flowing alcohol than conversations. If we managed to get our hands on some digits, come morning, our clouded minds struggled to recall their faces, let alone their names.


And who said romance is dead?


Facebook was an unknown entity back then, and not the useful stalking device it is known as today. So without a blue friend to hold my hand, I pretty much walked into this daunting dating world blinded. A lucky dip, if you will. A “shove your hand in and let’s hope for the best!” Furthermore, there was no speculating if my date’s profile was accurate because I didn’t have the faintest clue about the person waiting nervously at the pre-arranged destination. It was simply a case of ‘hit the jackpot’ or run home crying.

I was no serial dater, quite the opposite, in fact. I endured three dates in my entire lifetime and they all made me run home crying. My first date chased me half way around town to get my number. Initially, I thought he was some creepy stalker, so I paced around the shops trying to escape him. It turned into some scene from mission impossible as I had this guy chasing me in and out of stores for the better half of an hour. Unfortunately, my attempts of hiding behind a clothes rack came to an abrupt end. There he stood, sweating and out of breath. For his efforts, I rewarded him with my number and we later arranged a date. On our first (and only) date, I got ridiculously drunk (First date nerves and all that!) and If it wasn’t bad enough that I had already vomited into this poor chaps lap (The lasagna and wine didn’t seem to agree with me)


bad date cartoon


I then destroyed any chances of salvaging the pretty-much-already-over date by confessing my undying love for him. As I patiently anticipated a response, his futuristic self, whispered redolently, “You should’ve Facebook stalked her!”

Now if that wasn’t awkward enough, my second date – who I met in a seedy nightclub – took me by complete surprise when he whipped out his guitar and serenaded me with this slightly off pitch (Okay, I’m being nice. It was bloody terrible!) rendition of James Blunt’s “You’re beautiful”. As I tried to stifle an impending outroar of laughter, my futuristic self, screeched, “You should’ve checked out his YouTube channel! *Inserts fingers into ears*


How does the saying go? Third time lucky? Wrong!


My third date was my hairdresser for a brief while. As he caressed my tresses and… err… rubbed his ‘nether regions’ seductively on the nape of my neck, I was so startled I found myself haphazardly agreeing to a date.


hairdresser cartoon funny



His modern-day mating call rub may have worked, but the date couldn’t have gone worse. Between his endless bragging and gazing at his own reflection at any given opportunity – Oh, and not forgetting a continuous string of incorrect names. “No! My name is not STACEY, nor is it Monica or Helga!” – I suddenly found myself wanting to run like I had never run before. My futuristic self, chirped “Instagram, my dear child. Who takes a selfie every second of the day?” Okay, so social networking could have saved me from a few wasted evenings subjected to dating hell, but heck, what’s the fun in that?

So, about that lucky dip. Perhaps it wasn’t so lucky, after all? Although, I eventually struck luck years later, when I caught eyes with my future husband who was drunkenly throwing shapes on the dancefloor. I mean, nothing says, “keeper” like a man in a white wife-beater dancing like there’s nobody else in the room.

It wasn’t quite the old-fashion way my parents found love. No yellow pages were involved nor was much romance, if I’m being honest. It was more of an “I saw his face, we started talking dancing and it worked out.” Fast forward ten years and it’s transformed into a case of love at first page load.

Regardless of my dating disaster past, I am somewhat relieved to have dodged the modern day dating bullet. Call me old fashioned, but Online dating appears to be one slippery slope of demised standards and lost romance.


But is romance truly lost? And is modern day dating all that bad?


Times are changing …


Once upon a time, dating sites not only cried of DESPERATION, but they were also viewed with suspicion and disdain. In the days of dial-up (remember those?) the first wave of dating sites began to surface. Websites such as, E.Harmony and hit the pages of our interweb and were designed specifically to help you meet members of the opposite sex. They offered simple but functional features such as instant messaging and …um…instant messaging.

Fast forward to modern day and online dating is no longer regarded as scraping the barrel. It’s not only seen as socially acceptable to use dating sites such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish and, but it has also become normalcy. Since the stigma has rapidly dissolved, we now find groups of friends debating faces in the pub, flatmates sitting around Tindering together and even some shouting it from the rooftops.


love (Image source)


Online dating apps have become a way a life. In fact, dating has never been so easy. In one fleeting swipe of a thumb, you can bag yourself a match and have yourself a date within the hour. You’ve heard of fast food, right? Well, now there’s fast dating! No more waiting for Cupid’s love arrows to stab you in the heart, or worst still, meeting people through alcohol and poor judgement *cough* I meant, the old fashioned way. Those days of scanning the streets for potential and often disastrous dates are over and it’s all thanks to the revolution that is the ‘World Wide Web’. The internet has opened up a whole new world of possibility in a mass of filtered-love matches and potential dates.

We’ve seen young lovers lock eyes in vintage bookstores. We’ve seen them linking arms during strolls through the park. We’ve seen them laugh hysterically over cocktails. Matchmaking heaven so sweet it makes me want to ditch my wedding vows and hit the dating scene! I’m kidding, of course. I know these advertisements featuring toothy loved up zealots are a far cry from the harsh reality of failed expectations and constant disappointments.


But is online dating all enchanted hearts and candlelit romance as the commercials suggest? Or is it more dating disasters and meaningless flings?


love at first sight cartoon



Dating in a digital age ….


Idly she flicks through picture after picture, reducing her victims to either the heart icon or the dreaded red X. “It’s a match!” the screen flashes and a chat box appears. Alas, she has been invited to start up a text conversation with a stranger who has deemed her attractive enough to confer. “How very kind of him!” she thinks to herself, ogling his credentials. Relieved he doesn’t look like a complete psychopath, she pursues conversation with him. The pair continues to exchange messages for a while; the usual getting to know you business.

They’ve kept each other up past midnight in unremitting emoji wars and she has Facebook stalked him so hard she now knows every little detail about him. It’s exhausting, but needs must! After a few weeks, she takes the plunge to turn her cyber date into a reality, or in other words, she decides to meet him in the flesh. Yes, the actual flesh.

The single lady’s date awaits in the corner of the restaurant, swigging nervously from his glass and acting rather shifty. Finally, they catch eyes and momentarily ‘profile picture scan’ each other.


Smartly dressed – check!

Nice shoes – check!

Friendly smile – check!


“So far so good,” she thinks to herself until she is greeted with a handshake so vigorous she can feel her arm leave her body. It takes her approximately 5 minutes to realise she has made a huge mistake. If the lengthy rants about his bitter relationship with his psychotic ex-wife and manic-depressive son weren’t bad enough, maybe it was his inadvertent outburst about serving time in prison.


Enough baggage to bring an aeroplane down – CHECK!


Wait a minute! How did this get through the scanner without activating an army of screaming alarms?


It’s okay though. Whilst her date revealed every lousy detail of his 55 years (Shock, Horror! He wasn’t 35 after all!), she he had been wasting no time swiping for her next conquest under the table. “It’s a match” she squeals excitedly, only to realise she is still very much present on this godforsaken date. He abruptly stops for a second…and then continues to witter on about his erectile dysfunction. Phew! She resumes swiping.

She cuts the night short by using the old “Sorry, the chicken didn’t agree with me!” and hands over half of the bill the FULL bill. As it turns out, her date is also bankrupt (Yep! He failed to mention this during his autobiographic rambles, or perhaps she was just too distracted by the spinach in his teeth?)  After paying the hefty bill, she makes an abrupt exit (or in other words, couldn’t run out of the door fast enough!) while her date is left scratching his head in confusion and wondering where it all went wrong.

runaway date funny


The landscape of love is changing. The old-fashioned rules of dating have been swiped away and in their place a whole new set have appeared. But as an old romantic at heart, I can’t help but question whether modern dating is truly normal? Is it healthy, even? Is there a better way? Or must all single people settle for this path? Let’s take a look at …


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


The Good…


 Today’s generations are looking (exhaustively) for soul mates. Whether they decide to hit the altar or not, there are now more opportunities than ever to find that special person, all thanks to the evolving phenomenon that is online dating. Tinder alone has a staggering 1.6 billion (Yes, I said billion) users worldwide and, let’s face it, they can’t all be oversharing ex-convicts with baggage coming out of their….

So why has online dating become so popular among singletons of today?

love tinder(Image source)

“It’s easy.”  


Love has never been so easy. Forget love at first ‘sight’, it has now become a case of love at first ‘swipe’ (<- see what I did there!) You could potentially find the love of your life while you queue up in the supermarket waiting to buy your weekly food shop. It’s not quite the eyes meeting in a crowded room, but it’s quick, easy and by the time you’ve bagged up those groceries you could have already bagged yourself a date.  Online dating is efficient and available 24-hours a day. It’s a singles bar in your pocket, a game in which you quickly rate faces as hot or not and a favourite pastime to many. It’s free, easy and convenient, and the prize you get at the end of it? A real-life date, with a real-life person!


“Choices, choices and more choices.”


Plenty of Fish, Tinder and are just a small splash in the dating site ocean. From people in search for ‘the one’ to those folks who are merely seeking sexual liberation, there is a dating app for everyone. Heck, there is even a dating site for the technology-invading Amish! No, really…

amish dating funny


On the Internet, there is no ‘standing alone in the corner.’ Everyone is a kid in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. A factory so cram-packed with opportunity, it’s hard to know where to start. Dating apps have provided us with a seemingly endless supply of people who are single and looking to date. Let’s say we’re looking for a 30-year-old man who is 6 ft tall, has dark hair and lives in London…Simple, right? But wait… We’d also like him to be of kabbalah faith, a die-hard Trekkie and a lover of folk music by day and 80’s glam rock by night. Before online dating, this would have been a fruitless quest, but now, at any time of the day, no matter where we are, we are just a few phone taps away from sending a message to our very specific dream man (or woman). Online dating has opened up a plethora of opportunities that just wouldn’t have been available in those pre-swiping days.


“Better matches.”


The dating pool has expanded into an OCEAN, and now there really is “plenty more fish in the sea!”. Online dating has opened up a whole new realm of potential partners who would have otherwise been left undiscovered. Rather than fishing in the same old tiresome spot and pulling out the same old smelly trout, we can now fish farther afield and catch ourselves the dish of our dreams.


“Try before you buy.” 


Those lucky dip days are over! Online dating offers a number of ways to get to know a potential date before meeting in person. A ‘try before you buy’ if you will. Computer-mediated communications allow users to engage in a safe and convenient interaction, without much risk or time commitment. For the busy professional, such communication is an excellent way to “test” potential partners before they invest their time and energy into someone who could potentially lead to disappointment…


The Bad…


Online dating. It’s like a revolving door of people with high expectations. If you can’t keep up, you could find yourself not only running on empty but also going around in circles. If you aren’t careful, you could find your body dragging along the floor, grudgingly. Deflated and out of luck, it’s easy to see why people struggle to strike luck on such sites.

We’ve already looked at the good. Now, it’s time to look at the bad…


“Too many choices.”


Too much choice: In theory, more options are better, right? Wrong!


Do I stick my finger in this pie? Or, wait a minute, that pie looks quite nice too. Oh, and what about this pie with the crisscross on top?


The choices of partners can become as overwhelming as choosing the most appetizing pie (because, y’know, choosing between pie can be really overwhelming!) With options spilling out of every window display, online daters can get stuck endlessly “shopping” for the perfect partner, rather than actually starting a satisfying relationship. When there is a breadth of choice, we tend to get bewildered and end up focusing on superficial differences. The reality is, our choices are killing us. We think choice means something. We think opportunity is good. We think the more chances we have, the better. Just as we begin to sink our teeth into one pie, we are already eyeing up the other pies on display, ready to put our finger into another. We are constantly looking for the next thrill, the next jolt of excitement, the next instant gratification. But as one can imagine, eating all the pies in the pie shop is somewhat greedy, and might just put you off pies for life!

I want pies cartoon


“Too picky.”


“Had her, had her, Ick… Had her, had her, …nice rack, but no!….Had her, had her, …Oooh, wait a minute, has blue hair and a tail. *Swipe right!*”


The problem with having too much choice is that we become naturally pickier. I mean, why have a wafer thin ham when you can have steak, right? Singles are therefore limiting their search criteria to height, area code, income and even appearance.


love (Image source)


Like ordering fast food, we enter the credentials, scan the options and acquire an expectancy of how our food might taste or present itself. Expectation tells us this food is going to taste as finger-licking awesome as it looks on its billboard display. But when reality is delivered to us a la plastic serving tray, we are too often enough greeted by a lopsided, gooey mess that leaves us with nothing but a bad taste and a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Lesson to be learned; you can’t place an order for your perfect partner. We aren’t fast food, we are human beings with feelings whether we are slightly lopsided or not!


love (Image source)

“It’s contemptuously superficial.”


It’s true. Dating apps are slowly morphing us into a society of superficial arseholes. With a vast display of dating profiles to swipe through, we stop viewing people as people and begin to see them as products. Like shopping for a handbag, for example. We’re not happy until we find the perfect one! Y’know, the one that isn’t too small, but isn’t too big. The one with at least two addition compartments inside, a strap that fits comfortably around our shoulders and compliments our every outfit. Yes, not an easy quest, but we’re still looking!

People are busy, they don’t have time to scour through every single dating profile to grace the internet. But that’s okay, we can speed up the process by being nitpicky and plain old vain. Can’t distinguish “your” from “you’re”? In the pile of rejects they go.  Hair out of place? They obviously don’t take care of their appearance. Blurry picture? We couldn’t possibly! Oh wait, is that a small wart on the right side of their nose? Left swipe.

tinder swipe funny

How could we possibly find love when we so carelessly dismiss anyone who doesn’t fit into our ever-decreasing pockets of perfection? Who knows, we might have swiped the soulmate of our dreams. And what? All for the sake of misplaced hair.




“It’s impersonal.”


Dating isn’t as simple as it was way back when. It’s no longer a case of picking up the ‘oversized’ telephone and telling em’ how it is. We have become a society that has become so comfortable hiding behind a safety blanket of texts that we have simply forgotten how to communicate with one another.

Dating behind a computer screen can be somewhat impersonal, and it’s often difficult to gauge how a person might be in real life. How one presents themselves online might be a far cry from who they are in reality. Let’s take Instagram for example, a filtered and more perfected version of ourselves. Same goes for Facebook. We don’t tell the world that we are raving lunatics with a Candy Crush addiction and a tendency to snore.


…Okay, maybe some of us do! This is Facebook, after all.


Dating apps are much the same; we are out to impress in any way that we can, and if that means filtering the heck out of our profile pictures until they are barely recognisable, so be it! Computer-mediated communications generally have an artificial and unemotional quality. I mean, making out with a computer screen just isn’t the same as kissing a soft pair of lips.


kissing laptop funny


Furthermore, you will have to come to terms with the fact that you might not be the ‘only one’ your potential date is conversing with. More than likely your match won’t have all their eggs in one basket, but rather, a few on the go. But before you sob inconsolably into your pillow whilst listening to 80’s power ballads on a loop, it’s important to realise that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Try to be comfortable with the fact the person you are dating may be interested in others. After all, it’s all fair game until you become exclusive, right? Or should I make that ‘Facebook-exclusive’?

Sometimes it’s important to go back to basics, pick up the phone and get to know each other with meaningful conversations. If the dialogue doesn’t flow naturally, it might just be warning sign that they might not be the one for you.




Scenario one;

We’ve all been there. We’re waiting on that all-important text. Minutes turn into hours and hours turn into days. “They obviously didn’t text us back because they were so excited they fainted!” we reassure ourselves. 10 days, 15 tear-soaked pillows and 55 one-way text messages later, and we finally admit that perhaps they just weren’t that into us!


Scenario two;

We’re waiting for our date to arrive. 15 painstaking minutes tick by and we’re still minus a date. We pray that they will be the next person to walk through the door so we don’t look like we’re dining alone tonight. Sadly, our date didn’t arrive. No phone call, no text message and no bursting through the door, dripping in sweat, pleading  “Sorry I’m late, I had to save an old lady from a burning building!”

If they haven’t messaged you back, chances are, they’ve decided they don’t fancy you after all. If they stood you up, chances are, they aren’t worth your trouble. Dust yourself off and get back on the horse dating scene!

The dating game can be a harsh one at times. One that will have you doubting yourselves, questioning whether you’re good enough and crying into your pillow at night. Rejection is inevitable, but what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. Kelly Clarkson said so!


“The reality doesn’t always meet expectation.”


“The artifice of virtual communication probably raises more barriers than it breaks down” (The New York Times).

It’s hard not to form an image in our mind of how our date might be. Sometimes we let our imagination run away with us. We create alternative realities; ones in which communication is effortless and intrinsic. Although this is completely natural, it could potentially raise issues when the reality fails to meet our expectations. Communicating online is completely different from face to face interaction. It builds fantasies, false hope, and misunderstandings that complicate communication. Furthermore, you can tell much more about a person’s mood, personality and what’s really on their mind when in the flesh and able to hear the ebbs, flows and hesitation in their voice.

A wise friend once told me “hope for the best, expect the worst!”


He was right!


“People lie.”


“If we meet and you look nothing like you do in your picture, you’re buying me drinks until you do!”

Unfortunately, dishonesty is just a part of the online dating parcel. As we trail through filter pictures and misleading self-descriptions, it’s important to remember to take everything we see with a pinch of salt. No, wait! Let’s make that a salt factory!

People lie. It’s just a fact of life. People lie about their age. They lie about their weight. They even lie about their height, income and marital status.

No matter how much we say otherwise, we all tell a little fib from time to time. We all stretch the truth here and there. Sometimes the little white lies roll off our tongue like water off a duck’s back. Okay, so perhaps we photoshopped our profile picture a smidgen. Does that make us a bad person? And maybe we twisted the truth a little when we boasted about being fluent in four different languages. Most lies and exaggerations are harmless, but honesty will always be the best policy. Especially when you find yourself on the receiving end of a big fat lie…


funny online dating

Robin Moffett via Pinterest


Using a 10 years old photo on your dating site is one thing, using a ten-year-old photo of a model is quite the other! Naturally, the more comfort you become with someone, the more open and honest you will be. So if you meet up with your date and he isn’t the 6ft tall lothario you had in mind, perhaps his personality will counteract for those 8 ‘very important’ inches… If he doesn’t already have a wife, that is.



“There is some strange folk out there.”


Forget Kinder surprise, now we have Tinder surprise! Let’s just take a moment of appreciation…



funny dating profile            funny online profile

online dating profile                  tinder funny

I thought that cat lady was my sister-in-law for a second there. Oh, and before we move on, my favourite…


tinder funny


I mean, you have to admire his Photoshop handiwork in this one.


“Hook up culture.”


It’s hard to remember the days when people took dating seriously. Since dating apps came along and swiped the ‘old skool’ dating rule book from our body-hugging grip, romance and passion seem nothing but a distant memory. From one night stands to casual flings, hooking up has pretty much become the norm. Let’s face it, nothing says, “I’m horny” like Tinder does. Don’t get me wrong, I am no shrinking violet. Quite the opposite, in fact. Some of the things I got up to ‘in my time’ would make you blush for the rest of eternity… but let’s not get into that! As amorous letters and walks in the park become few and farther between, I can’t help but question whether this modern day approach to romance is just a recipe for heartbreak and sexually transmitted disease. There’s nothing more romantic than that 3 am text message kindly informing you that you might have chlamydia, right?


sti clinic cartoon


Intimacy and passion seems to be withering away. In this digital age where sex is so readily available, it becomes easier to clasp hold of immediacy and cheap thrills than chase longevity and commitment. Why take the long route when you can take the short, right? Phooey! I’m not buying it! Flings are okay. I mean, they do the job. They fill in a temporary void. But sooner or later, we just want someone to sweep us off our feet and ride us into the sunset…and not straight into bed! 

There’s a reason why the adage “Slow and steady wins the race” is so popular. Instead of cutting corners and leaping into the arms of anyone who shows an interest, give yourself some time to settle into the right relationship.


“It becomes a chore.”


Modern dating is like a full-time job. Primarily fun, the enthusiasm soon fizzles out. I mean, there’s only so many barebacked unicorn riders that can tickle our funny bone, right? The monotonous answering messages and scrolling through a sea of faces – that have all pretty much morphed into one – becomes nothing short of exhausting. As the matches stack up like dishes, the ‘what started off as flirtatious fun’ soon becomes a repetitious chore we’d rather elude.


broken tap cartoon


The Ugly …


Internet dating. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad and sometimes it’s downright ugly. Prepare yourself for a reality check. We’re taking a trip to the dark side.

We don’t truly know who lurks behind our screens. We don’t know if the person we have been speaking to is who they say they are. We don’t even know what this person is really like as a person. After all, it’s almost impossible to make a judgement based on a few photo’s and some interest on an app.

The truth is, the internet masks a multitude of sins and we could only be a finger tap away from victimisation.



online dating dangers


Let’s face it, no one is going to come cookie cutter clean. Everyone has a dark side whether they admit it or not. But whilst in the grips of a whirlwind romance, it’s easy to dismiss what potential dangers lurk on the other side. We’ve already seen how dishonest people are when it comes to their online profiling, but what if the person in the picture isn’t that person at all? Is this a cruel case of catfish, or are we playing into the hands of an online scam artist? You’ve all heard of tax fraud, but have you heard of romance fraud? Similar to catfishing, it’s when you think you’ve met your perfect partner online, but they aren’t who they say they are. Only this one has a cruel twist. Once they’ve gained your trust, they ask for money for a variety of emotive reasons. One of the many stories to echo this case is from a New York woman who was conned out of more than $25,000 by a man she met on Match, who cunningly claimed to be a soldier stationed in Afghanistan.




Researchers estimate that 25 percent of rapists found people to assault through online dating services, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. And if this doesn’t send shivers down your spine, perhaps the following stories will. In New Zealand, 28-year-old Woman was drugged and gang raped after meeting a man on app who brought a group of his friends to their date at a Sydney bar. Another New Zealand woman was killed after she was allegedly thrown off a Gold Coast balcony after meeting up with a man she met on Tinder. In another case, a sexual predator asked a reporter posing as a 13-year-old girl to strip naked. These were just a few of the several hundred of cases to spring up on my google search.

So how can we avoid walking into danger? As straightforward as it sounds, it’s important to make sure you always meet your date in a public place where you know people will be, such as a cafe or bar. It’s also recommended that you should tell a friend or family member where and when you are going on a date with someone, so they can check up on you. And ALWAYS carry a phone with you.

Next time your date tells you he lives in a gated community. Just take it with a pinch of “Yep, you’re probably in prison!”


Let’s wrap it up… 


One out of five relationships start online. Whether it’s on Social media, Facebook, a mobile app, or an online dating site, success stories lurk around every corner. We are The Emoji Generation. Choice Culture. A Swipe, Tap and Click Cohort. We live our lives in 140 characters, 3-second snaps, freeze frames and four-minute movies. Always moving, ever evolving. We think intimacy lies in a perfectly-executed string of emoji. We think making an effort is a “good morning” text. We think romance equals ruffled bed sheets. Our dating stories might not even come close to how they dated way back when, but through all it’s faults and flaws, there’s no denying that love in the digital era has been nothing short of revolutionary. I mean, we get jobs, rentals and plane tickets online – why not dates?

21st century dating


Loathe it or like it, there’s just no stopping the ever-growing phenomenon that is online dating. Not only has it changed the landscape of love, but it is also bringing more people together than ever before.

It’s not the age-old romance we once knew, but online dating has become as natural as inhaling air. And so love letters have turned into long-winded texts, florist-bought flowers have transformed into a string of love heart emoji and fine dining has become Starbucks frappuccino. Time’s might be changing, but in the end, it all comes down to good old fashioned chemistry.

chemisty cartoon

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