Hey, everyone! How are you all?


This is just a ‘quickie’ post. Wait a minute! ‘Amanda’ and ‘quickie’ in the same sentence? …Say it ain’t so!


Fret not! I haven’t lost my mind. I know these school holidays have almost pushed me over the edge, but I can assure you all is fine. I even ‘happy danced’ my children all the way to school this morning.  Concerned, they turned to me and asked “Mum, are you feeling okay?”


And I was like…


10,000 follower 2


Just kidding! I love them dearly, and as I sit here in an empty and very quiet house, I feel a bit “Who am I going to clear up after now?” and “What am I going to do with my newfound freedom?”


air guitar cartoon


Let’s face it, there’s only so much ‘extreme’ air guitaring, eating the contents of one’s fridge and watching back-to-back Jeremy Kyle one can take. (<- Is it me, or am I starting to sound like the queen?)

Truth be told, I’m not feeling ‘fine’ and that happy dance was more of a ‘Shit! We’re late for school’ sprint.  I’ve been stuck in a ‘dark hole of misery’ lately; hating on the world and growing increasingly annoyed with everything and everyone. I’m like a hot pot ready to explode!


10.000 followers 8


Does anyone else ever feel like that?


Anyway, fear not! I’m not going to boil over just yet, nor is my head going to shoot fire. Quite the opposite, in fact! Today, I am going to be swapping my ‘grumpy’ pants for ‘party’ pants!


That’s right, It’s time to dust off those loudspeakers, prepare our most cringeworthy dance moves ever and pour ourselves a glass of that marvellous imaginary champagne! It’s time for a celebration…


10.000 giffy


Thank’s Leo!


I am celebrating yet another WordPress milestone – The big 10.000 followers!


Okay, okay…I may have lied. I haven’t hit the big 10.000 WordPress followers just yet… (but hold that thought!)


First up, the gooey heartfelt stuff…


I know I don’t usually celebrate my ‘following’ milestones, but I thought it would be rude not to celebrate the beautiful blossoming blogging (what a mouthful!) community that is unfolding in front of our very eyes. I just wanted to take this opportunity to not only get totally ….



passed out and drunk



But to also thank you all for all of your continuous support and sweet words of encouragement. You inspire me in so many ways, and quite frankly, blogging without you guys would be, well, kinda like talking into a megaphone in front of an audience of crickets.


*Clambers tipsily onto the imaginary stage*


I would like to thank EVERY one of my beautiful, wonderful, creative and amazing followers! Thank you for putting up with me, inspiring me and keeping me entertained on those long boring, husbandless evenings! A huge thank you to all of you who continuously shower me with your support (You know who you are!) As I have said before, my blog wouldn’t be the same without you!


Okay… so getting back to that thought!


Ask Me Anything! (A Future Vlog)


To celebrate hitting the big 10.000 followers (I’m currently at 9.967!) I thought it would be a great idea to create another vlog!




Hang on a minute! I thought you guys liked my vlog? *Shocked face*


This time – rather than rambling on for 16 minutes about …erm… absolutely diddly squat – I will be doing an ‘Ask me anything’, or in other words, a”Q&A” vlogging session in which I’ll be answering all of your burning questions.




Have you ever thrown up in a car?

What’s your favourite kind of Krispy Kreme?


Have you got an 11th toe?



I’ll answer the last one right now… No! I don’t have an 11th toe, but wouldn’t it be ‘toe’tally cool if I did? *Tumbleweed trundles by*


You’ve seen how truly awful I am at thinking up questions. Well, I’m hoping you can do better!



So, this is where I hand it over to you guys.



Ask me anything!


Anything as all. The more random, the better… because let’s face it, no one cares how I came up with my blog title! Pop your questions in the comment box below and I will answer them all on my next vlog!


But for now, let’s crank up the music, guzzle down the champers and boogie on down to this party classic!


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