It’s time to celebrate my BLOGIVERSARY!


Ceeeeeeeelebrate good times, COME ON! Is it me, or can I hear the sweet sound of trumpets filling the air? I know what you’re thinking… “Oh man, not another Celebration. I haven’t fully recovered from the last!” I’m afraid to break it you, but the streamers are falling and the champagne is pouring! So, why the celebrations? We’ve just had Christmas and New Year, are we really ready to pull on those party pants again? Wel, guys, you’d better be ready! It’s my ONE YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it? I have been blogging for an ENTIRE year, THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE DAYS and loving every minute of it!

…Hmm, okay. Perhaps not every minute! There was that one time I wrote an essay worth of blog post only for it to MAGICALLY disappear into cyberspace, never to be seen again! Yes, that wasn’t so great!


angry with laptop



WordPress, despite your technical faults, I’m still thankful you stumbled into my life… or perhaps I stumbled into your life? *Scratches head in confusion* I can’t remember, I think I may have been drunk? Irrespective of how we met, I’m glad you are a part of my life. You have been my sanctuary, my little piece of haven. The place I can empty my thoughts and share my heart. I think I might lov…..

Okay, okay! You can put the sick bucket away now, but you might want to fetch those tissues!

As some of you are aware – because y’know, I’ve already told you one hundred times over – this time last year I wasn’t in a great place. It was during this bleak time when I decided to start this blog. Never in my wildest dreams did I think ANYONE would actually read it! The more I wrote, the more I opened my heart. 12 months later, I find myself celebrating my first year with over 8000 followers, 100.000 views and most importantly, a huge support network who have stayed with me every step of the way. It is those very special people who have made my blogging experience all the more magical. If it wasn’t for your continuous support and encouragement, I probably wouldn’t be here today celebrating yet another miraculous milestone. What more can I say…


You’re simply the best!



You know how much I love to reminisce days gone by. To celebrate my first year in this wonderful blogging world, I’m going to do a ‘blogathon’ of posts from my early blogging days. That’s right! That’s 5 posts, 5 days and 5 spoonfuls of fun! Are you excited? The blogathon will commence on the following Monday and end on Friday.


Originally I was going to do 7 days, but then I thought of this guy…


bruce bogtrotter


We don’t want a case of Bruce Bogtrotter, do we? In fact, I haven’t been a chocolate cake fan since watching this scene!

OoooooOoooo, whaaaaaat’s chocolate cake got to do with, got to do with? Oops, sorry… got to love a bit of Tina Turner! Where am I going with this? Well, I’ve only ever been a ‘once a week’ type of blogger, so I expect you’ll be sick of me by the end of the week! It’s a bit like overindulging on chocolate cake. It tastes so sweet to begin with, but as soon as our bellies are full, we are like “Yeah, that’s quite enough already! I can’t look at another Chocolate again!”  …And I love you all too much to drive you away!

anniversary blogiversary

I would like to raise a toast to all my beautiful blogging friends for sharing my first year with me.  As the Brit’s would say, It’s been a bloody blast! Here’s to, hopefully, many more years of blogging *Clink, clink* 

Now let’s turn up the music, guzzle champagne and embarrass ourselves on the dance-floor!


Until Next time, Party people! xxx

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