At last, I have awoken from my chocolate-induced slumber! I thought I’d better, I didn’t want you guys worrying about me! *Coughs* Oh, what’s that? You hadn’t even realised I’d gone?


amanda who


So, what’s going on in Amanda’s world, and where the heck is that imaginary champagne? Have I pulled on these Spangling party pants for nothing?

Fear not, party people! We will get to the celebrations in one moment. But first, I want to give you a quick update to tell you where I have been all this time….Well, all of 8 days!

Yes, about that… *looks guilty* I really have been sat in my big comfy armchair by the log-fire, stuffing my face with leftover Christmas chocolates and growing ever more guilty about how unmotivated I have been!


Get those violins out…


But also, my beloved laptop died… for a 2nd time! Panic not! He didn’t float up to the laptop heavens, I left him (is it weird that I refer to my laptop as a him? I mean, it must be a him since he never does what I tell him to!) in the very professional hands of the techno squad, where they removed his hard drive and replaced it with a brand spanking new one! Whilst my beloved laptop was in the computer shop having lifesaving surgery, I tried… but failed miserably to carry on blogging using my iPhone. Unfortunately, those teeny tiny buttons and my big clumsy fingers just don’t mix. It got to the point where it was taking me so long to reply to all of your lovely messages that I thought… “Screw it! I’m going to take a break!”


dawson sad face

 I understand your pain, Dawson!


And do you know what? The break was wonderful! I spent some quality time with my husband before he flew off to Istanbul.




Yes! I managed to talk him out of going to Palestine. I didn’t fancy spending 4 months worrying about him being blown to smithereens, so instead he flew off to sunny snowy Turkey at the early hours of this morning. He will be away for 4 months, but will be back to visit once a month. And as much as it has been amazing having him home, I’m ready to get back to normality…and even more ready for him to take his trail of mess with him! (Love you, Hubbo!)


7000 follwers


…So, now that messy ‘bugger’ has gone, I’m going to have a good old spring clean and get everything just so, so I can put my feet up and get back into to the flow of blogging! I mean, what else I am going to fill my lonely, husband-less evenings with? Knitting? Sudoku? Trash TV? Well, I do like a spot of trash TV, but Sudoku flies right over my confused little head, and I knitted so much during my last pregnancy I never want to look at another set of knitting needles again! So it looks like you’re stuck with me, guys! You can keep those party pants on, and I’ll go fetch that champagne!

So, I have been blogging coming up a year now (I can’t actually remember when I started, but I’m sure WordPress will inform me one day?) and as much as I love pulling on my party pants and swigging back the champagne, I have decided that I am no longer going to celebrate followers. The truth is, I didn’t begin this blog with the intentions of gaining thousands of followers, and for a long time I didn’t even look at that scary stats page! At some point along the way, curiosity got the better of me and I did start looking at my stats. In fact, the rise in views kinda made me feel good about myself. This was short-lived and I soon realised I had become so wrapped up in views and numbers, I lost sight of the very reason I started blogging in first place; my passion for writing and making connections with others (I have met some pretty awesome people this past year, some of which, I now couldn’t imagine a life without!)

When it comes down to it, the amount of followers one has is really quite irrelevant. Sure, it’s nice to feel like people are reading what we write, but whether 100 people or just one person reads what we have to say, it’s still an amazing feeling. And hey! Didn’t some wise old soul once say, “it’s all about the quality, not the quantity!”?

Rather than celebrate the amount of followers I have (and trust me, the majority of those followers probably haven’t so much as looked at my blog!)  I would like to make a toast to everyone who has made me LOVE blogging for what it really is… A community! Or as I like to view it…A FAMILY!

And plus, I never liked statistics and all things bar-charty, anyway! It goes straight over my head, just like the Sudoku! As I say adios to stat-analysing, I say HELLO to a more relaxed approach to blogging! The kind of relaxed that has me sat in this armchair, champagne in hand, watching all you guys having fun on the dancefloor… because quite frankly, I’m not getting out of this chair!

This one is for you…


Thank you for sticking by me and making my blogging experience all the more worthwhile! Much love to you all 🙂 xxx

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