What a difference a year makes, eh? This time last year I was stuck in the grey and depressing Coventry. My life was in pieces and all hope had gone. It was during this rather bleak spell when I decided that ‘enough was enough’ – If I was unhappy, It was ‘me’ who had to change. As I buried 2013 in the graveyard of failed dreams, I entered 2014 in a more positive frame of mind. I was determined not to experience another year from hell (what little did I know! *evil laugh*) and therefore, I did what people all across the world are starting to do right now… I wrote a list of to-do’s, vowing to be more proactive and set myself goal clichés such as; join a gym, eat healthier, be happier, be more motivated…etc.


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With all good intentions, I began exercising…but stopped after two short weeks (due to coming down with a serious case of I-can’t-be-arsed!) I started a healthy diet, only to be reaching for the biscuits three weeks in. My happiness flew straight out of the window in one big blow of a leaking gas boiler. And after two months of living like a stinking peasant (Intrigued? Read -> Dear Mr Landlord) my motivation had well and truly left the building! The one thing that remained a constant, on my big list of to-do’s, was this blog. I started my blog on January the 7th 2014 and here I am today. Success at last! To celebrate ‘not giving up’ and to toast all my beautiful blogging buddies, I have put together a list of all my ‘personal’ best bits! I hope you enjoy…


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Amanda’s Best Bits



I Wish Marriage Came With A Manuel

Posted: February, 11, 2014



Originally a letter for my husband, this was the first post in which I really opened my heart. I truly believed this was the letter that helped save my marriage. 10 months on, and that dark period seems like a distant memory. But if we hadn’t experienced those bleaker times, we wouldn’t be half as strong as we are today. Although this isn’t one of my most popular posts, it’s one that holds great significance and meaning for me. (You’ll find out the relevance of the elephant if/when you read it!)



Posted: March, 5, 2014



10 months ago, not only was my marriage in pieces, but my relationship with my mother-in-law was…well, to put it politely, let’s just say ‘Not good!’ On one particular occasional she had pushed me to the brink. I could take it no longer! I had to let it all out, so I choose to do so, in this post. If you’re having issues with your in-laws, this is a must-read! Not because I am the Guru of taming all Monster-in-laws, but because I think you’ll be able to relate to some of the issues I raise, and if not, you’ll just enjoy the laughs.

So, I guess you’re wondering how my relationship with my Mother-in-law is now? You’ll be pleased to know that we are on ‘better’ terms (please note that I use the term ‘better’ quite loosely here!) Let’s just say, I no longer want to shove MANGO ‘FREAKEN’ CHUTNEY up her ars…..


Balloons: The Art Of Letting Go

posted: March, 17, 2014



Someone once told me, “Put it in a balloon and let it go.” It was the greatest advice anyone ever gave me. And this was exactly what I did! I took those imaginary balloons, I blew all my hurt, resentment and anger into them, and I watched them disappear into oblivion. This is a real feel good post, and for this reason alone, it deserves pride of place on my list!


School Days: Those Were the Best Days of My Life 

Posted: March, 24, 2014



Who sung the title of this post? *Raises hand* Have you ever wished you could go back to those precious hideous school days? Hmm, thought not! But as much as I suffer heart palpations at the very thought of going back to those days, you’ve got to admit, they were slightly comical. Okay, okay…I admit it, they were HILARIOUS! If you want a trip down memory lane, you’ll love this post! If you don’t ever want to walk those school corridors again, I suggest you give this one a miss!


10 Things I Hate About Facebook 

Posted: May, 21, 2014

category facebook


Two months ago, I finally mustered up the courage came to my senses and quit Facebook. What can I say? As the Facebook burden was lifted from my tiresome shoulders, I felt free and liberated. I haven’t looked back since! Like Marmite, You either love it or hate it… and if you detest the taste of something, why keep eating it? Here’s a post on WHY I loathe Facebook so much!


Dear Dad

Posted: June, 3, 2014

category a letter to my father


This is by far the most emotional letter I have ever written. My father sadly passed away 4 years ago, and this is my letter to him. Gone, but never forgotten. x


The Perfect Storm

June, 5, 2014

category perfect storm


Depression is a topic that I hold close to my heart. Having experienced it myself, and known people close to me who have battled through it, it is something I felt compelled to write about. Writing this post was healing in so many ways. I honestly believe writing is the BEST therapy!


Amanda Does Thailand (Part 1 & 2)

Posted: July, 2, 2014

category thailand


Thailand. I described it as a not-your-average-lie-on-the-beach-drinking-margarita’s type of holiday…that much is true! Throw in a few hissy fits, food poisoning and 50 shades of Grey, and now we’re talking! And if you enjoyed part one, you’ll love Amanda Does Thailand: Part Two.


Dear Husband: The Unconventional Love Letter

Posted: July, 3, 2014



This is a letter I wrote to my husband for our 4th wedding anniversary. I wasn’t going to post this on my blog, initially, but then I thought, “What the heck!” I didn’t quite expect the reaction this post received, as it quickly became my most successful/read post to date. I guess the reason this post was so well-received is because it’s not your typical love letter, it paints a shade of truth and reality.

“True love is more than kisses and romance. True love is about conquering the roughest of rides. True love is about learning from the mistakes we make along the way. True love is about loving someone unconditionally, through the good times and the bad.”


The Joy’s of Being a 90’s Kid

Posted: July, 28., 2014



This is my FAVOURITE post! I very rarely read any of my posts back, but whenever I want a trip down memory lane, I read this. And suddenly it feels like I am back in the 90’s, watching Saved by The Bell on my inflatable sofa whilst drinking cola from the SodaStream and trying desperately to save my Tamagotchi’s life… sadly he died, he always dies! If you’re a 90’s kid, you must go back in time and reminisce the good ol’ days!

So there we have it, Amanda’s Best bits! I hope you enjoyed a year in the life of…MOI! It’s been emotional guys, but it’s time to for me to hang up my bloggles and have a mini break. Nope, I’m not off to Thailand, nor am I flying off to Geneva. I’m actually going to the land of comfy-chair-in-front-of-the-log-fire-surrounded-by-chocolates-and-wine (It’s the holidays, I’m allowed!)

Before I slip off into my chocolate-induced slumber, lets have a quick recap of my year…

2014, what can I say? It has been an emotional one. It has been a year of many highs and lows. From dodgy landlords to the neighbours from hell, it hasn’t been the easiest of rides. But despite travelling over rough terrain, there have also been some magical and memorable moments. My Thailand adventure was one of my highlights, along with the happiness I felt when my husband came home for Christmas! And hey, life wouldn’t be so interesting if everything was all plain-sailing and smooth terrain! …I mean, what the heck would I write about?

So, I guess this is the part when we raise a toast, and say, “I’ll see y’all in the New Year!” 


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What have been your highlights from 2014?

Have you set yourself any to-do’s for the New Year? 

What are your favourite posts from this year?


Feel free to stick around and discuss, I’ll fetch the mulled wine and mince pies!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody! xxx

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