The Gif Of Laughter

Written by Alex Raphael. 


When I heard Amanda was doing guest posts I just had to elbow and kick in kneecaps of anyone who was stood in my way. Quite simply, Amanda has one of the funniest and most engaging blogs around. Whether she is talking about her distrust of Facebook, her feelings towards her best friend or pictoral proof of the many types of bad hair there are, she always manages to embue an amusing and entertaining tone. As such, I wanted my guest post to make others laugh too. So a post on gifs seemed a natural fit, especially as Amanda and I have swapped them on each other’s blogs in the past.
Thanks again Amanda for letting me contribute to your very cool site. And an even bigger thanks for not including me in your bad hair piece ha.

gif post - chandelier scene with rodney


Chandeliers are classy, elegant and expensive. That is when they are hanging and not in a thousand pieces of course. Taken from the much loved English sitcom Only Fools and Horses


gif - football fail


If you think about it, it really comes down to one person being hit in the face in a more unusual then usual method. Watching him tuck in his socks beforehand is oddly priceless.


gif - clumsy shop customer


As he jumps over the barrier, I can just imagine the guy whistling as he laughs at those who use a different entrance. I wouldn’t want him on my team at Jenga, that’s for sure!


gif - Micheal Jordan laughing


As a huge Michael Jordan fan, I should use focus on his incredible talent, phenomenal record and iconic sporting and marketing legacy. But this is just too funny, especially if you are cheekily replying to someone’s idea 😉


gif - cookie monster


There is a more famous gif of the Cookie Monster’s delight at a super huge cookie, but this one cracks me up, especially when he hoovers up the crumbs.


gif - sleigh ride fail


Honestly. This dog is the coolest. The Usain Bolt of the Doglympics.


gif - clumsy mascot


I challenge you to watch this with a straight face. I’m not sure what the Raptor’s mascot thought would happen, but at least his flagging tail summed up his attempt perfectly.


gif - funny homer scene


I always think of this when I am stuck in an awkward situation when there is no obvious escape. Homer, I salute you.


gif - cute sleepy cat


I like to think I look this adorable when I get woken up.


gif - swimming pool fail


Knowing something funny was going to happen, I assumed he would bang his head or slip. This was a hilarious surprise. I do wonder what level of difficulty he was classed under.

A big THANK YOU to Alex at for writing this guest post. As some of you might know, I do love a good Gif! Did I keep a straight face when the mascot slipped over – Heck no!
If an eclectic mix of film, TV, travel and literature is your cup of tea, why not check more of Alex’s blogs? Like a quiz? Alex is the quiz king… I promise you won’t be disappointed! 
Which was your favourite?
Did you manage to watch the mascot without laughing? 
Are you a fan of the Gif, and if so, have you got a favourite? 

Feel free to stick around and discuss. I’ll pop the kettle on and fetch the biscuits! Would you like Bourbons or Jammie dodgers?

Stay tuned for next month’sGuest Post of the Month’, when Tempest Rose from will be talking hairy legs! Yep, you heard me….Hairy legs! Intrigued?


intrigued baby

…Thought so!

*** I need more guest posters! ***


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