Let’s go back to that all too familiar scene. We’re back in the school gym, and it’s that time we dread the most – being picked for team sports. One by one the ‘stereotypically’ attractive girls and boys are plucked from the IT crowd while the ‘less attractive’ remain. Awkward, and looking at our feet, we mutter, “Please pick me, please pick me!”. Suddenly, only a few people are left unselected, and with a sense of worthlessness, we long for the ground to come and swallow us up whole

Sadly, the ground doesn’t seem hungry for geek, and as reality sets in, we find we are the last one standing!

“You’re on the bench!”, the P.E teacher snaps, pointing at the lonely timber bench in the corner.

Defeated, we embark upon the walk of shame to our loser bench destination, cursing what momma ‘didn’t’ give us, and wishing we were more pleasing on the eye.


last to be choosen



How many times have we all heard that saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? The answer: too many times. And yet, we still do. We instinctually choose the books with the most beautiful covers, we admire their pretty colours, and perhaps we’ll even take a peek inside. Once we delve into the book, we find that underneath its beautiful eye-catching cover, we are all the same.



But is beauty only skin deep?



 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s true, different strokes for different folks, and all that.


But what is this notion we call beauty? Is it an a-symmetrical face? Is it the perfect smile? Or is it much deeper than this?


Does beauty really matter?



According to a collection of studies from around the world, appearance DOES matter! These studies have shown that attractive people receive preferential treatment in almost every area of their lives, be it a promotion at work, or being helped in an accident!

Yes, that’s right! In an accident, bystanders are more likely to help an attractive person than a less attractive person. Charming, eh?

With a bombardment of preferential benefits, is there any wonder why we all want to be as beautiful as the beauty we see around us?

However much we try to fight it, there’s no denying we all are affected by this notion we call ‘beauty’ almost every day of our lives. There’s no escaping the fact people blessed with good looks tend to get an unfair advantage in life, whether it’s a free drink at the bar, or getting out of a speeding fine. Furthermore, beautiful people are generally more popular, get bigger paychecks and are happier in their lives.


 Okay, okay…Don’t rub it in!



But despite the freebies, waivered speeding tickets, and the fact they are the centre of everyone’s attention, there is a darker side to being attractive.



Yes! All that glitters is not Gold!



Let’s go explore; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… of Being Attractive.

Written by Amanda Lyle and Ronovan



The Good … 


Attractive people get served quicker 



men vs women getting severed at bar



Scenario one:

It’s been a hard day at the office, and Average Joe is in need of an ice cold beer. He would love a Carling, but after the day he’s had, anything would do. He waits for what seems to be an eternity to be served. He taps his fingers impatiently on the bar, hoping to catch the barman’s attention. He shakes the sleeve of his shirt up to take a look at his watch. Another 5 minutes goes by. The finger taps continue, and he lets out a sigh of frustration. “Can’t a man get served in this place?” he mutters. Suddenly, the bar doors open…

The barman snaps out of his slothful slumber, if only to gawp at the beautiful lady who stands before him. She swoons over in a pair of short shorts and red stiletto heels. She nudges right in front of poor Joe, and gets served quicker than a shake of a cocktail shaker! The barman even throws in a free wink, and his number.


The beautiful lady struts back to her table, drink in hand.


The barman turns to Joe, and grumbles, “Yeah, what do you want?”. His etiquette vanishes like magic.


If you’re attractive you’ll most likely be the first to be served at a busy bar. Maybe it’s a primitive response that people feel more comfortable with those who are ‘easy on the eye’, or perhaps it’s more superficial than this? We’ve seen it all too many times, as the bartender clocks the sultry brunette in her little black dress, everything else fades into nothingness. The plain Jane standing next to her, who has been waiting twice as long, is now invisible. Suddenly, his serving skills are out the window, and he has only one thing on his mind.


Attractive people get more attention 


Scenario two:

Sexy Selena walks fresh out of the beauty salon. It’s date night with the husband, and she is looking shhhmooking HOT. As she struts her ‘good stuff’ down the road, a lorry comes along behind her, and lets out a huge HOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNKKKK! Selena not only JUMPS OUT OF HER SKIN, but as she turns back to catch sight of the guilty culprit, she walks straight into a lamppost.


builders flirting


Poor Selena, not only is she now the not-so-proud owner of a black eye, but she also has to postpone…DUN DUN DUN… date night. I mean, she can’t go out in an eye patch! As Selena walks hobbles back home, a silver lining makes an appearance from out of those darkened clouds. She smiles to herself, and says with a glint of satisfaction, “I’ve still got it!”.



i've still got it gif


Research has shown that individuals are more likely to view attractive people as more intelligent, friendly and competent. Is there any wonder why they get more attention? A university of British Columbia study has found that people identify personality traits of people who are more attractive more accurately than others during short encounters. The study concluded that people pay closer attention to those they find attractive, listening to them more attentively than they would otherwise. In layman’s terms, whilst the average Joe slips by unnoticed, the beautiful person gets a double take and a HONK!


Attractive people get promoted quicker


Scenario three: 

It’s our pal, Average Joe, again. He’s long overdue a work promotion. He’s worked for the company for many moons and is always the first in the office and the last to leave. With ten mouths at home to feed, and another on the way, he is hoping all these long hours have finally paid off. Today is the BIG day. He’s pretty sure he has ‘got it in the bag’, as he walks confidently to the boss’s office.


Knock knock!

The Boss: Come in!


*Joe makes himself comfortable*


The Boss: So, we’ve come to the decision…


Joe is so confident he has got this, he leaps off his chair and starts…


Oh Joe, please not the… Not the happy dance!

happy dance

The boss is suddenly lost for words, a look of mortification upon his face.


*A tumbleweed trundles it’s way across the room*


The Boss: Oh boy, I don’t know how to tell you this, Joe! We’ve handed the promotion over to Antonio.

Average Joe: Antonio?! Antonio?!

The Boss: Yes! Antonio!

Average Joe: Antonio, as in the guy who wears crocodile skin winkle-pickers?

The Boss: *Coughs* Yes!

Average Joe: Antonio, as in the Italian stallion the girls swoon over like a fat man to a double cheese Mac?

The Boss: Yes!

Average Joe: *Starts to go a brighter shade of cherry tomato* The Antonio who can’t speak a word of bloody English?

The Boss: That Antonio, yes!


After experiencing a complete meltdown, and telling the boss to stick his job where the sun doesn’t shine, Joe takes a moment to cool off.


*Five minutes later*


Average Joe: I’m sorry, but can I just confirm… The Antonio who sleeps with the majority of the office?

The Boss: *Picks up the phone*





Good looking people can use their sex-appeal to command attention, and consequently get ahead in their careers. Attractive people are generally more persuasive because they are more likely to possess, or develop, key personality traits such as intelligence and strong social skills. Having these key personality traits often makes them more effective at communicating, and hence being able to talk their way into a job promotion. Not only do attractive people have a better chance of being promoted, and greater job prospects (even if it’s undeserved, like in Antonio’s case!) but they are more likely to have fatter paychecks, too.


Attractive people get away with more


Scenario four:

Average Joe is in a rush. His Gran has taken a turn for the worst, and he needs to console his mother as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he was doing 35 in the 30 zone. Tut tut! And so that oh-so-familiar siren starts to scream, and the policeman gives him his cue to pull over. As Joe rubs his hands over his face, the police officer knocks on his window…



The Policeman: Did you know you were doing 35 in a 30 zone?

Average Joe: I’m sorry, Sir! My Gran is on her death bed, and I need to console my mother!’


*With tears in his eyes, Joe gets down on both knees, and pleads pitifully*


The Policeman: No excuses, Sir!


And with that no-nonsense response, he whacks a hefty fine upon his windscreen.


Beautiful Bella is driving in her flashy sports car convertible. Not only is she driving triple over the speed limit, but she is also fixing her make-up in the rear-view mirror. A police car approaches, and as Bella puts the finishing touch to her lip-gloss, her pout turns into a ….


The Policeman: Excuse me maaaaWowzers!  *Mops brow*

*Pulls himself together*

The Policeman: Did you know you were driving 3 times the speed limit?

Beautiful Bella: Oh my! Was I really? Gosh! I didn’t know… *Turns on waterworks*

begging police officer


The Policeman: There, there! *Passes over a tissue* I think we can let you off, just this once. But don’t do it again!

Beautiful Bella: Thanks, Sir!


*Speeds down the road singing power ballads*


Attractive people are more likely to talk their way out of a speeding ticket, or walk into that sought after restaurant with no reservation and get a table. But wait! The list goes on….Beautiful people also receive more smiles, more desirable dates and are generally treated better. So it comes with no surprise that these beauties can twist a few more arms, slip off more hooks, and wriggle their way out of any situation they find themselves in.

Psychologists have confirmed – by the results of mock judges deliberating on mock cases – a consistency that physically attractive defendants are less likely to be perceived as guilty when they have been charged. But do these research results make a mockery of our criminal justice system? Surely it is unfair that defendants are treated differently purely on the basis of their appearance. But it doesn’t stop there, differential treatment based on physical appearance happens all the time. But I have to question,  isn’t this just discrimination in disguise?


Attractive people are more likely to be helped


Scenario Five: 


Average Joe has had the day from hell, not only has he failed to get the promotion he has always dreamed of, he now finds himself stranded on the side of the motorway. With a tyre as deflated as he feels, he tries to flag down a passing car. Unfortunately, he has little success, and sods law, the heavens open up and so falls a downpour of rain. Umbrella? Sadly not!


flat tyre funny cartoon



Beautiful Bella also finds herself in a spot of bother as her engine blows a gasket. Panic stricken, she leaps out to take a look at the smoking bonnet. Car mechanics isn’t Bella’s strong point, so she releases her golden tresses, tugs down her top to reveal a little cleavage and puts on her best ‘damsel in distress’ performance. She could have won an Oscar, for the next male driver to pass by, stops with a halt to help her. He even throws in a wink, and you’ve guessed it, his number.

As Average Joe struggles to reach the beans in aisle 42, Gorgeous Grace needn’t lift a finger, for she has her very own ‘top food shelf helper’. As Average Joe struggles to pull the door open with his mountain of bags, Stunning Sally waltzes on by as a gentleman kindly holds the door for her. As Average Joe struggles to carry the donkey loads of food shopping home to his wife, Attractive Anne is having her bags carried for her via a big strong man.


loaded with shopping bags



As mentioned before, an attractive person is more likely to be helped when in an accident. This rule is generally applied in ANY situation. It is said that people naturally gravitate towards attractive people. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t see average Joe getting his bags carried for him, would you? Furthermore, attractive people are typically treated better by others. In a study by Harvard University, researchers found that wearing beauty enhancing make-up can, in fact, boost people’s perceptions of the subjects’ competence, likeability and trustworthiness. With all these positive attributes, is there any wonder the beauties of our world needn’t lift a finger?


The Bad …


Attractive people are often seen as being unintelligent


Scenario One: 


Average Joe walks into Harvard University.

Average Joe:  “Can I please have some information on the Quantum physics degree?”

The Receptionist: Yes, of course Sir, let me just fetch you the course information.

Blonde Bombshell Betty walks into Harvard University.

Blonde bombshell Betty:  “Can I please have some information on the Quantum physics degree?”


The Receptionist: 





There is a common misconception that attractive people, blondes in particular, are not intelligent. This is simply untrue. There are a number of successful beautiful people out there – Yeah, I know! It’s not fair, is it? We’ve all seen Legally Blonde, a convincing Reece Witherspoon plays a ditzy, fashion-obsessed airhead who works her way through law school, despite everyone’s disbelief, and eventually becomes a top lawyer. Some people labelled the film unbelievable, and far-fetched. But I have to question; why can’t a beautiful fashionista be interested in academia? Too busy fixing her make-up? Too concerned with which Louboutons to wear? Or perhaps too enthralled with pumping iron?


Are blondes really dumb? 


Blondes have been known for their supposed lack of intelligence for centuries and centuries. It first dates back to Ancient Greece. The Greeks admired their fair-haired neighbours of the north so much so they would bleach their hair in bid to achieve the same blonde look. Unfortunately, due to lack of resource, and perhaps intelligence, a considerable amount of bleach repeatedly rubbed onto the scalp, in addition to being inhaled, could have had a damaging effect on one’s mental status.

But are we wrong to make these rash assumptions purely based on the colour of someone’s hair? Apparently so! Contrary to popular belief, scientists have disproved the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype with new research revealing that hair colour is only skin deep. You see, it all depends on a single letter of the genetic code. During the experiment, switching a single ‘letter’ of DNA would turn brunettes into blondes, and therefore would have no affect on the brain itself. Finally, we can dismiss that shallow claim that blonde hair signifies low intelligence!

Attractive people are ignored in intelligent conversation


Scenario two:

Average Joe is at the weekly conference sharing his ideas on something…err…scientific!

Average Joe: “The idea of a lunar base would be an excellent way to rid the earth of greenhouse gases by siphoning through an extractor process.”

Boss: “That is an incredible idea with a lot of potential. We need to do some research into the practicalities.”

Suddenly, Beautiful Brunette Brandi intrudes on their Tête-à-tête.

Beautiful Brunette Brandi: “If we focus our research on an extended range electric cell battery using synthetic oils for the various friction reduction areas we would reduce pollution by nearly 25% over the next five years.”

Boss: *Stares vacantly at Beautiful Brunette Brandi*



stunned gif


and then proceeds…

Boss: “Joe, when do you think you could have some numbers for me on that siphoning extractor?”

A thoughtless assumption is often made that people couldn’t possibly be intelligent AND attractive. I mean, that really would be greedy, wouldn’t it? This is simply untrue. In fact, studies have proved quite the contrary, showing intelligence is actually associated with attractiveness, and that it is in fact plainer individuals who are assumed to be not as bright. Studies in both Britain and America have found that attractive people have IQs 14 points above average, dismissing those myths of dumb blondes and good-looking men lacking in the brains compartment.


Never a Bridesmaid always a guest 


Scenario three:

Dazzling Daisy is awaiting some good news. Out of the 27 wedding’s she has attended, she has never been asked to be a bridesmaid. There’s always an excuse…


Bride Number One: “Oh, I’m sorry Daisy. Relatives only!”.

Bride Number Four: “I just don’t think salmon would go with your skin tone!”

Bride Number Eleven: “I’m sorry, Daisy, I need to keep numbers to a minimum!”

Bride Number …I’ve lost count: “It’s not you, it’s me!”

It’s okay, you can put your violin back in it’s case. It’s finally Daisy’s time to shine!


*Phone rings*


Bride-to-be: “Hey Daisy!”

Dazzling Daisy: “Hey not-so-in-the future-bride-to-be!”

Bride-to-be: “Okay, so I’m going to be honest with you…”

Dazzling Daisy: “Okay, go on…”

Bride-to-be: “Please don’t be angry with me, but…”

Dazzling Daisy: Oh, let me guess… you don’t want me to be a bridesmaid!

Bride-to-be: Um, well, yeah. How did you know?

For Dazzling Daisy it’s a rejection too many, and she spirals into a meltdown. Unfortunately, she’s forgot to press hang up so her Bride-to-be friend can hear every scream, crash and tantrum….


angry woman cartoon



Bride-to-be: “Umm, Daisy…Are you alright?”


A not-so-dazzling Daisy realises she hasn’t hung up the phone…


Dazzling Daisy: “I’m fine, everything is fine. Me?…I’m as fresh as a daisy. I’m fine…hahahahahahah,…*SOB SOB* …I’m fine!”


*Phone-line goes dead*


As every bride knows, it can be pretty stressful planning for the big day. But rather than stressing over which tiara and shoes to wear, it seems choosing bridesmaids is becoming the most stressful decision of all. But why? In fear of being overshadowed, Brides-to-be’s are now ditching their attractive bridesmaids for their average looking friends. According to research, a third of British women say they would choose an overweight friend to make them appear slimmer as they walk down the aisle. Shocking, huh?


Attractive people rarely get invited on big nights out


Scenario four:

It’s Friday Night, and after a killer week at work, Average Joe is ready for a night out with the boys!

He calls up his friend Larry.


Average Joe: “Hello.”

Larry: “Sup.”

Average Joe: “Dude, I’m thinking about getting the boys together, hitting some bars, are you in?”

Larry: “You bet I am! I need to find some ladies!”

Average Joe: “Cool, I’ll pick you up at 9!”

Larry: “Before you hang up…You haven’t invited Hunky Heath out, have you? I’ll never find a girl if he’s hanging around!”

Average Joe: “Nah mate, Don’t tell him about our big night out, will you!”

Larry: “Don’t worry. The secret is safe with me!”



 Turns out Hunky Heath found out…

Meanwhile across town…


The girls are getting ready for a night on the tiles…


Felicia: “Call Brook, she is a blast at parties and Larry likes her a lot.”

Janet: “Uh, no way.”

Felicia: “But she’s part of the group, you have to call her.”

Janet: “Uh, Felicia… Do you want to meet a nice man tonight?

Felicia: “Of course I do!”

Janet: Then please don’t invite Brook. Every time she shows up she always grabs all the attention and no way is that happening tonight!”

Felicia: “Okay…I won’t tell her if you don’t!”



crying gif


 Brook wasn’t happy either…

Just like the wannabe bridesmaid getting shunned for the bride-to-be’s less attractive friends, attractive people can be left out of other social events, too. But why? Women in particular, can be plagued by jealousy and envy when it comes to their more attractive friends. Let’s face it, nobody likes to be outshone. A recent study showed that women with a high level of intrasexual competition are more jealous if the rival is more attractive, and more envious if the rival is more powerful and dominating.

Of course, a woman can be beautiful, but if she’s also smart, organized, and a supermum? Forget it! We develop a bad case of the green-eyed monster. It is said that women attach a considerable amount of importance to their physical appearance. Anyone they see as a threat to their self-image, they either try to compete or find fault, with.

While the women quarrel over who is indeed the fairest of them all, men tend to be competitive in a different way –finding a mate. Men know that the odds of going out with a more attractive male friend will only lead to disappointment, or worse still, rejection. The attractive friend will obviously draw a lot of female attention wherever they go – denting the egos of those around him in the process. Chances are, if there is no competition present, they will be more likely to strike lucky!


Attractive people’s actions are judged by their looks


Scenario five:

Both Average Joe and Voluptuous Veronica are on their lunch-break. They are eating in the same fast food place they always do.

Average Joe goes to place his items in the bin but a napkin drops to the floor without him being aware.

Customer: “Man, the bin must be full. That guy’s napkin fell out.”

Voluptuous Veronica has the same thing happen.

Customer: *Mutters under breath* “Typical. Thinks she’s too good to bother throwing her rubbish away. Expects everyone else to do it for her.”


Have you ever heard the expression “Don’t judge me because I’m beautiful?” Perhaps we should pay more attention. Beautiful people are stereotyped just like anyone else. We’ve already explored the misconception that attractive people aren’t intelligent. This fallacy led to the point where attractive people’s intellectual abilities were underestimated, and their attempts of expressing a personal point were considered as invalid. Moreover, attractive people are often stereotyped as being bitchy, spoilt, self-obsessed, and even promiscuous. But what gives us the right to judge a book by its cover? Is it right to throw insults before we even take a look inside?


The Ugly …


Attractive people are sometimes viewed as a piece of meat


Scenario One 


Chiselled Chad is working overtime in the office, the lights are dimmed and everyone else has gone home – or so he thought. He soon finds he’s not completely alone, as Anne makes her seductive appearance. She looks a little different, she has released her hair from her bun, and her top buttons are undone, revealing far more than Chad had bargained for.

Anne: Hello Chad, fancy seeing you here so late!

Without another word, she makes her way over to Chad and starts touching him inappropriately.

Chad: Stop!

Chad makes his excuses and takes a rapid exit.


Gorgeous Georgia walks past a gang of young men, in a figure-hugging dress and heels. She is on her way to a friend’s birthday party, and she is feeling pretty confident. What starts off as harmless wolf whistles, soon transformed into something more demeaning. Suddenly, she is surrounded by intimidating faces openly expressing what they’d like to do to her. She panics, brushes past the bodied cage they forced her in and cries all the way home to her husband.



heels at night


While some women wallow in the wolf whistles and catcalls, others feel it is a form of harassment. So is it just a bit of harmless fun, or can it turn into something more sinister? There is a stark contrast to approaching someone politely and striking up a conversation, and shouting inappropriate commentary about their body. “I would bang that!” – Yes, I once heard a man shout this to me, at the same time I was walking hand-in-hand with my husband. Not only was this completely disrespectful to my husband, but it was also both demeaning and dehumanising to me, as a wife and mother. There is a fine line between showing someone a compliment and intimidation. But why do some men think they can treat a woman like a piece of meat? To feel empowered? To feel like they have a right to discuss, scrutinize, or judge a woman’s body? And let’s flip the coin around, why do some women think it’s okay to treat men like a piece of meat, knowing only too well how it feels to wear the shoe on the other foot?


Being attractive can cause jealousy and insecurity in a relationship


Scenario Two

It’s date night, and as the happy couple make their way over to the classy restaurant, a random man wolf whistles and winks at his girlfriend. The boyfriend’s face drops, and he hastily grabs his girlfriend around the wrist and drags her inside.

You see, it turns out the happy couple aren’t so happy after all. Rather than hold the man who whistled responsible he blames his girlfriend.

The boyfriend: “I told you, you shouldn’t have worn that slutty dress!”

The girlfriend: “I’m sorry, I won’t wear it again, I promise!”

The boyfriend: “You made an absolute fool out of me!”

The girlfriend: *Tears well up in her eyes* “I’m sorry”

The boyfriend: “You will be when we get home!” he sneers, throwing her a tissue.


abusive relationship


Having an attractive ‘other’ in ones life can cause problems, especially if the person is insecure in their own self-image. Feeling insecure in a relationship is not only awful for the one who is feeling the insecurity, but it’s also tough for the person on the receiving end. The truth is, being involved with a really insecure person can be hell, especially if every little bit of male/female attention you get, increases the already festering self-doubt. Jealousy only adds fuel to the already burning fire. As much as your attractive other tells you they are not interested in anyone else, the obsessive thoughts continue, and sometimes this can lead to more harmful behaviours such as control issues or domestic violence. When you are made to wear unflattering clothing so other people don’t find you attractive, you have to question…is this right?

Attractive People are eyed as a challenge even if they are wearing a ring 


Scenario Three

It’s a Saturday night and Hot Hannah is at the bar waiting to be served. Suddenly, she feels a hand slip up the back of her dress. Her eyes widen in panic, and she freezes. The man whispers something seductive into her ear. “I’m married, get your hands off of me!” She snaps, trying to move his hand away. “You were asking for it!” he snarls, releasing his hand from her upper thigh.



engagement ring finger


People like a challenge, and what better way than to give oneself the ultimate challenge of ‘getting what you can’t have’. In the ideal world married people are off-limits. But let’s face it, this isn’t no tinsel town, in the real world people do naughty things, they like to push boundaries to see how far they can go. So of course, the lady at the bar sporting the sparkling ring screams a challenge. And what better ego cleanse? Because of course, she’s just going to forget all about her husband and fall lovingly into your arms! Okay, time to wake up! Not only is this disrespectful to the poor lady subjected to your bag of cheesy chat up lines, but it’s also disrespectful to her husband, who just so happens to be on his way back from the men’s room…and I hear he’s pretty buff!


 Attractive people face prejudice 


Scenario four: 

Attractive Anna walks onto the bus. It’s a summer’s day and she wearing some shorts and strapless top. With nowhere to sit, she stands, holding on to the pole as the bus trundles on. She clocks a man gawking at her from behind her and says “Do you mind?”

“She shouldn’t be wearing such revealing clothes!” someone muttered.

“She’s pretty much asking for it!’ another person added.

The girl tugs at her shorts and looks down at her feet.


short shorts on girl



Clinging fabrics, bare midriffs and short skirts, a fashion statement, or ticket to discrimination? Women are often judged on the basis of the way they present themselves. The presence of a bra or a chancy shade of lipstick could impact the way in which people perceive a woman. But should this be the case? Why can’t a woman go out in a pair of shorts without being either, stared at, or verbally abused? Why can’t a woman wear a brighter shade of lipstick, without being called ‘slutty’?

Should people be discriminated just because they are attractive? Should they be thought as vain, or uninteresting? Furthermore, should they have to tolerate narrow-minded comments made on the basis of their appearance?


Attractive people might be taken advantage of by the opposite sex


Scenario Five: 

Stunning Sarah has just moved house. A few days later, a friendly male neighbour knocks at the door and invites her over for a cup of tea.

She soon becomes friends with this neighbour, but sometimes finds him a little overfamiliar. She gives him the benefit of the doubt and knocks at his door. After all, her children play with his, and it’s nice to have an adult conversation from time to time.

While the kids play outside, the neighbour takes his smarmy ways a step too far and ends up forcing Sally into an embrace. She tries to escape his grip, but her cries go unnoticed.

Two months later, Sally moves house in the bid for a fresh start.


house for sell


The ugly truth is, some people only view the attractive in a sexual way. They see no further than their physical appearance. When they initiate a friendship, they do so, with an ulterior motive; their every move is predetermined and calculated. And while the hoodwinked might think it’s genuine and safe, it could lead to something more sinister, and even put their lives at risk.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of being attractive. I expect many of you may have never thought about it. I mean, beautiful people have it all, don’t they? Most of us look upon an attractive person as being the lucky one. But are they? Sure, they can be, but is it always the case? Just look around you and observe – even the most attractive people are judged, scrutinised and stereotyped – just like the rest of us. Judging a book by its cover, the visual creatures we are, we all do it. If we aren’t gawking at the beautiful blonde walking down the street, we are smirking at her in envy. Can she win? Maybe it’s difficult to have sympathy for an attractive person, but should it be? Do you think people are just people regardless of looks?

Everyone knows there is more to a book than its cover.  It’s only when we delve inside when we can truly form an honest opinion. It’s only when we open our minds that we can see past the outer beauty, and into the true beauty within.


So, why can’t we open our minds?

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