Hello everyone, my name is Ronovan. I believe only a few of you know me. I promise not a very long read today.


You think writing a Guest Blog is simple. It’s not. It’s not like writing on your own blog where you can just throw anything that comes to mind out there and let it do what it likes. This being my first time doing a Guest Blog I wanted to make sure to do a respectful job not only to myself but to my dear and special friend Amanda.


I started as many as five different articles to share today, each time throwing them aside saying “That’s not good enough for Amanda.” Amanda would politely ask how things were going with the Guest Blog, being certain to say no hurry. The entire time I was worrying about letting her down. I actually completed one but it just wasn’t right for Amanda’s readers. Then it occurred to me that my topic had been in front of me the entire time, reminding me, talking to me, asking me how things were going.


 *A Friend is a Smile*

Written by Ronovan

Who do you call friend?


I call those who read my articles my Friends. I do so because they don’t have to read them, but they choose to. That’s one type of friend. You also have those you speak with most every day. You call them friend, as well, but are they? Do you simply speak with them? Do you listen to them or them to you? Is there something you receive from this friendship? I am not speaking of a materialistic something, but an internal something.


A year ago I fell in my home and woke up in a hospital. I remembered three things. I remembered my son, he’s now 10. I remembered God and scripture. The third thing I remembered was Twinkies. It had nothing to do with the cakes but instead a true friend. When I say I remembered three things, I mean I ONLY remembered three things of my entire life.


Why do I tell you about that? I lost all memory of all friends I ever had. How many have reached out to me to reestablish that friendship? Two.


This unique experience for me has brought the opportunity to have a clean slate and determine what a real friend is as well as a determining a lot of other things I believe about life and society without all the clutter of past experiences. Some of my ‘friends’ have been shocked by my revelations. Don’t be a hater if you’re not going to be a relater. (I honestly have no idea what that was but it rhymed and I just typed it. I’m random.)


What is a friend to me?


 A friend is a smile,

To brighten a day of gloom,

Remember a smile.


A friend to me is someone who talks to me and listens to me equally.


A friend to me is someone who considers me when they speak. I won’t go into details, but health and medical issues I have can make for awkward moments at times. I normally just let it go and continue the conversation not wanting to let the person feel bad. Sometimes I might say something if the subject is going to be the main thrust of the conversation.


A friend to me is someone who is there for me, not always available, but when they are they take the time to spend time with me.


A friend to me usually shares something in common. This isn’t a must, but it is nice to have that something to ‘geek’ out about, even if it is simply an enjoyment of writing.


A friend to me knows that we all have those quiet days where we just need to be alone. We’re okay, but we are just down. People freak out when I am down and not around. I’m the guy that is always up and ready to be there for whoever needs help. “Ask Ronovan, he’ll help.” But if I am not there they worry because one of my health conditions can lead to people being down sometimes. I’m not clinically depressed or anything, just lots of pain. Pain is a pain sometimes. I made a funny. I am laughing on the inside because if I did it on the outside it would hurt. Laugh, that was funny stuff.


A friend to me needs to remember that it’s okay to freak out, vent, unload on me, or whatever when something happens. That’s what a friend is for. I weather the storm and after the seas calm we talk about it and things are good and perhaps stronger than before because we both know we can do things like that and be fine.


A friend to me is not an emotional energy vampire that requires constant reassurance of their worth or they aren’t negative or hateful during every conversation. I don’t need that in my life. That is a waste of the time I could spend with a friend that is a joy. Yes, I want to help but I cannot handle every day dealing with that drain. For me, it is a health hazard.


When someone is these things to me they are loved by me. I love all people. I even love the ‘bad’ people because babies were born not to grow up to be ‘bad’ people. Something turned them that way. I don’t like what they do, but I do love them as a person and want them to be better. But then there is the love of a true friend.


Moments never last long enough

Times differ and strain our stay

Sleepless nights are simply

A way to spend time in your day


Saying you love is easy

But showing it is the proof

Weathering the storms

When one of you raises the roof


Moments of strife are welcomed

They make a bond grow stronger

With our mettle tested

Our friendship will last longer


Smiles are plentiful and so are laughs

But what really matters the most

Are those feelings I gather

When we seem so close


If you want to see the face of someone I call friend simply look at the header of this site and there she is. But seeing as an article needs an image and I don’t want to offend any friend by choosing one over another, I chose to go with this happy fellow.


a smile is a friend


To my dear friend Amanda, I thank you for this honor. I know you have so many a request. My interview with you was a joy that day. And now I’ve been your guest.


With Much Love & Respect to Amanda and her Readers



A huge thank you to Rovovan (from http ronovanwrites.wordpress.com) for writing such an inspiring piece. It was an absolute honour having you guest write for my blog.  GUYS! If you haven’t already, please hop (skip, run, roly-poly) on over to Ron’s blog – An amazing guy with a big heart! (and also one of my favourite bloggers!)

Please feel free to stick around and discuss this topic. You know I love to chat. I’ll pop the kettle on and fetch the biscuits!


Who do you call a friend?

What is a friend to you?


Stay tuned for next month’sGuest Post of the Month’, when a lovely lady from Cheybeing.com gets philosophical.

If you’re interested in guest posting on my blog – Email me on: amandalyle1986@hotmail.co.uk.I would LOVE to have you! (write for me, not keep you locked in a bottle!)

Much Love xxx

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