Grab those boom-boxes and neon leg warmers. Dig out that MC hammer tape (yeah, I said…tape!) We’re going back to a time when it was acceptable to wear Lycra so TIGHT it left nothing to the imagination. We’re going back to a time when penny sweets were actually a penny! Grab those tucker bags and fill them up to your hearts desire…


We’re going back to…


The 80's



 NO, NO, NO! Put the shoulder pads DOWN! Repeat. Put the shoulder pads DOWN!


We’re going back to…


The 90's

It’s the 1990’s. As we wake up in some hallucinogenic nightmare, is there any wonder us 90’s kids are a bit…erm…whacky?! Disco balls, lava lamps, a duvet cover so jazzy it looks like a kaleidoscope’s wet dream, and not forgetting a vast range of inflatable furniture!


inflatable chair


Yes, that’s right, I said inflatable furniture! I mean, who thought inflatable furniture was a good idea? Sure enough, it looks pretty comfortable, but in reality it’s as sticky as Winnie the Poohs fingers and one sharp zip away from deflation!

If you were really lucky you’ll have some 90’s pop-star pin-ups plastered over your bedroom wall. Peter Andre was a favourite of mine. For those of you scratching your heads in confusion, Peter Andre was your average 90’s cheesy pop star. He sported the classic ‘curtains’ hairdo and spent most of his time minus a shirt, singing his one hit wonder ‘mysterious girl’. Oh, Peter…


Give it a click…I dare you!


Come breakfast time, we almost choke on our Cocopops, as we watch Mr motivator doing the pelvic thrust in nothing but a Mankini.


mr motivator


Fortunately, we were saved by the bell…


saved by the bell


My love for all things America stemmed from this pre-teen sitcom alone. I longed to be one of the gang, sporting shoulder pads bigger than my head and over-backcombed hair. I dreamt of spending my days sipping milkshake, after milkshake, after… milkshake! (Seriously, though, this is all they seemed to do!) I even longed to be friends with the lovable Screech!


saved by the bell


Breakfast in the 90’s


Cereal was better back then! Cereal boxes of the 90’s came with a toy. You heard me, an actual T-O-Y! We’d dig our grubby hands into the cereal to find it, and wonder why no one else quite fancied it.

90's cereal


With a belly full of lucky charms, we head to our closet…


Fashion in the 90’s


Only, we find ourselves too spoilt for choice and struggle to choose the right outfit…


The 90’s fashion was somewhat questionable…


fashion 4


I rest my case…


Hmm…Shall we go with the classic Adidas poppers? Great for those …is it going to be hot or cold, days? If you get too hot, just rip open those poppers and let your legs breathe…but wait a minute, now we have flapping trousers! This a recipe for disaster, when you need to run away from the angry shopkeeper who has just found out you’ve cheated him by sticking the penny sweets together…You buy one, you get one free? Yes! I used to do this *looks guilty*


adidas poppers


Or why not take the bull by its horns and embrace our inner Chav in a sea of Adidas, Kappa and Umbro. In this ensemble, we could certainly give Sporty Spice a run for her…errr…golden teeth!


chav fashion


Or perhaps something a bit brighter? The Neon look was a popular one. What an eye ache! Is there any wonder 90’s people wore oversized sunglasses? My eyes, my poor little eyes!


90's fashion


Neon headbands not your thing, perhaps you’ll like a Mr Motivator-inspired leotard?

lycra bodysuit

Maybe a bit of denim on denim?

too much denim


Finishing the look off with a psychedelic jacket?


wacky bomber jacket



Or worst still, the Michelin man-inspired puffa jacket…


michinlin-man puffa jacket


But hold up! Don’t forget your bum-bag! (or fanny pack as you American’s call it! <- Only the British will find this humorous!)


fashion 11


But wait… What about shoes?


 Footwear of the 90’s

Will it be…

The jellybean sandal with heel. I practically lived in these bad boys! In fact, I had a pair in every colour. What’s not to love about the jellybean sandal?

jelly sandalGirls of the 90’s…who owned a pair of these? The platform shoe – it was like wearing planks of wood strapped to your feet. But what’s fashion without a spot of suffering, Eh?

The Doc Marten – I’ve never personally owned a pair of these, but I think pretty much everyone else IN THE WORLD did! Not the prettiest of shoe, I must admit.

dr martins


Or if you were really cool, you’d be sporting a pair of Sketchers!





Oh, come on! Don’t pretend you don’t know what Sketchers are!


my sketchers so cool



Rocking the shoes of our 90’s dreams, we need the 90’s Hair to match.


 Hairstyles of the 90’s


Hmm, let’s see…

There was the curtains

peter andre 90s



 There’s Peter again!


Or how about the Crimp look?


crimped hair


Or there’s the girl equivalent of the curtains…(Has to be worn with OVERSIZED hoop earrings!)


photo 4 (1)


Or maybe the crimp and curtains combined?

crimped hair


And the curtains


curtain hair 90'a



Oops, have I mentioned this one already?

Oh, wait! There was also ‘The Rachel’



rachel hair


You couldn’t really go wrong with ‘The Rachel’…wellactually… you could, on account of 90 % of the population would be sporting the exact same hairstyle!

So, the 90’s hair was a little unoriginal, but heck, we had a trunk load of hair accessories…PAINFUL hair accessories…


Accessories of the 90’s


spiky hair accessory



hair 4



hair accessories

 And more spikes!

A scrunchy in every colour and every pattern…

hair scrunchies


And not forgetting…




 Errr, the double ball hairband thingy…

And for us girls, and perhaps some boys, there was the…

Wait for it….Wait for it…

 …The mood ring.

mood rings

This was pure genius for the following reason…

mood ring funnyIf your parents were really cruel and didn’t let you get your ears pierced, it wasn’t an issue, just whack on some stick-ons!


accessories stick on earrings


Caution: they only had an hour or two sticking duration.


Even better, there was the stick-on belly ring…Great for giving your parents a SHOCK!


Mother: You did what?


Girl: It’s okay, it’s okay! Put the damn baseball bat down, it’s just a stick-on!



eyeroll gif


It’s almost 9 o’clock. We spent so long getting our curtains to point at the correct angle, using a protractor and various other mathematical implements, we’re almost late for school.


Fear not! We have a range of speedy transportation…


Transportation of the 90’s


Whether it’s the Rayleigh Chopper – Oh boy! We were cool.



chopper funny


How about the classic skateboard… You’ll blend right in!


skateboard neon


The space hopper…

space hopper

Or the trustee pogo stick…

pogo stick

or not so trustee pogo stick…

pogo stick fail


Put those pogo sticks down… And let’s play a quick game of ‘Name that 90’s TV show’


 TV shows of the 90’s


tv shows


 “Tommy, I’m scaaaaared!”


kenan and kel gif

 “Who loooooooves Orange Soda?”


sister sister gif



fun house 90s

The best mullet in the world! 


Hey Arnold

Helga loved a football shaped head!


tv show 9


 The most addictive theme tune…EVER!


Answers will be at the end of the post *evil look*

With the round the twist theme tune playing loops inside our heads. We head off to the playground to show off our new collection of POGS!





What was the point of pogs? Heck knows! who care’s?…look at all the pretty colours!




Marbles were fun, until you put one in your mouth and accidentally swallowed it.  5 hours in A&E and one painful bowel movement … couldn’t look at another marble again!



Who else suffered from a bad case of separation anxiety when you had to leave your beloved Tamagotchi?


And for those children of hippy momma’s…


 Treasures of the earth

treasures of the earth


Remember these? These guys were laughing when they had us fools spend a years worth of pocket money on a load of …rocks! Yeah, okay, glorified rocks…but rocks none-the-less!


Whilst the youngsters re-enacted episodes of The Crystal Maze…


 Yeah! I said The Crystal maze!


And made irrational trades with their friends…

boys with backpacks cartoon


…the older kids made up dance routines to their favourite pop bands. The spice girls ‘Wannabe’ was a big hit, however, there was always one kid who got a bit over excited with the Mel B styled high-kick and ended up kicking someone square in the head.


wannabe this one!


i hate spice girls

 Pop music of the 90’s


If spice girls wasn’t your thing, perhaps these were…


Chocolate bars of the 90’s


Come lunch time, we shoved those sandwiches down our gullets quicker than a turtle in the quicksand just so we could get to the good stuff – I’m talking chocolate bars! Yeah! That’s right, back in the 1990’s it wasn’t seen as…well…


dinner lady cartoon

 Back then…



 Top 3 chocolate bars of the 90’s

1# The trio


Sadly, the Trio became obsolete in the late 90’s…many tears were wiped!


2# Wagon wheels

wagon wheels


With a medley of chocolate, jam and marshmallow – what’s not to love?


3# The Club


With a theme-tune so awesome – who wouldn’t want to join the Club club?

And the award for the worst chocolate goes to… *Drum roll*


chocolate daim


Need a tooth pulling but can’t afford the dentist? …look no further than the DAIM bar! Cuz….



tooth ache funny


Which was your fave?

A school day over, we jump on our space-hopper, pogo stick or ….


photo 4



…and hop on home, hoping our Tamagotchi is still alive and our Furby hadn’t been chucked out of the window…


funny furby



If we’re really lucky we’d be allowed some ice cold cola straight from the soda stream!


soda stream

 Remember this?

 Yeah…it didn’t really catch on, did it?



Toys of the 90’s


After tea time, we hit our playrooms in search for some cool 90’s toys. It goes without saying, toys of the 1990’s were waaaaay better than toys of today!


The Rubik’s Cube

rubicks cube

The Rubix cube, the most frustrating toy of all time. How many times had this been thrown out of your bedroom window?

funny rubiks cube meme


 Yeah okay! Don’t rub it in…


The ring and hoop


The Ring and hoop would keep us… errr… simple-minded 90 kids amused for hours, and hours, and…hours! Who would have thought a ball, hoop and water would be such fun?

toys 3

Shaving Ken

shaving ken

The Shaving ken was in a league of its own. Shaving Kens beard never got old….NEVER! He’s smooth, he’s rugged, he’s smooth, he’s rugged again, he’s smooth…oh look, he’s rugged…


 One problem….

shave n ken funny

That razor was so damned small and, consequently, very easy to lose!


The Scalextric



One for the boys… The scalextrics. Oh, how I dreamed of having my very own scalextrics set to play with. I used to pop over to my neighbour’s house to play on his!


6 hours later…

Mother: You’ve got to go home now!



nooooo cat meme

Polly Pockets 

Polly pockets were my absolute favourite toy. The hours of fun I would have dotting around these so-tiny-I-can-barely-see pieces of plastic. They’d get so overused they would become faceless and often armless, or worst still, only half bodied.


Polly Pocket

 The Stretch Armstrong

stretch armstrong

 The Stretch Armstrong was on everyone’s Christmas list. This rubber toy was indestructible! How did we know? Because we tried to sabotage it more times than we can remember! We were waiting for that bean explosion. Sadly, it never came! Not even the old…shutting it in a door and pulling the other end, worked.



Trolls, yet another 90’s faze! So many colours to choose from…and so cute!


wizard troll


If it wasn’t trolls it was Carebears! We were in ‘belly badge’ heaven!




The most infuriating toy award goes to….


The Furby 


The furby was indestructible, and I should know. I spent hours, days, months…errr…years, trying to kill mine!

Mum: Amanda! What the heck are you doing up there? There’s smoke coming down the stairs!

Me: It’s okay mum! I’ve just set fire to my furby!





 Technology of the 90’s

 They don’t do technology like they did way back when…



sinclair retro


The Sinclair. I can still hear the sweet sound of distortion ringing in my ears. Many an hour I spent waiting impatiently for that damned thing to load up. It was well worth the hour’s worth of waiting just to play one of the greatest games in gaming history…



paperboy 90's


It’s as simple as you might imagine. A boy on a bike, throwing newspapers at people’s doors. Simply genius! I remember playing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, too. The graphics literally took my breath away.




nintendo 90's


Being an only child and a little bit spoilt, I had all the latest gaming consoles. I have fond memories of playing Mario carts for hours on end. Reality became a little fuzzy, as golden coins circled in my mind and every time the ice-cream van drove by, I could hear the Mario brothers theme tune…


The Sega mega drive


The Sega mega drive introduced us to Sonic the hedgehog. Who would have thought a spiky blue hedgehog jumping through golden hoops, could provide children with such entertainment!

So, what about the internet?

Do you remember dial-up?




Dial up the internet man, silly!




dial up days






If computers weren’t your thing, perhaps board games were. Remember when games came in boxes?


Top five games of the 90’s

1# hungry hippos

hungry hippos


2# buckeroo


3# operation





4# skrewball scramble


screwball scramble game

5# guess who


guess who


And the worst ever game goes to…


photo 1 (2)

 This game took 6 hours and a degree in engineering to build, and all for what? …. That’s right! 2 minutes of fun. The mouse is caught in the net. Game over!


A special mention for my favourite game EVER…


Dream Phone

dreamphone 90's

If you didn’t own a Dream Phone, then you were truly missing out! The aim of the game was to find out whom you were going on a date with. It often ended in disappointed as we were given…


dream phone date



 Hmm, perhaps he looks better without glasses?

Music devices of the 90’s


The Cassette Tape was problematic…

90's tape


Especially when the follow happened…

cassette player funny


Not to worry, a pencil will fix it…

tape and pencil issues

How happy were you, when you unwrapped this bad boy on Christmas day?


big cassette player



…and how annoyed were you, when you realised you couldn’t fit it into your pocket?


photo (1)



When Cd’s came along and pushed our tape collection into the bin, we thought we were a character in Back to the future or something!

Then we realise that they really weren’t that high tech at all…


dawson sad

Movies of the 90’s

 If we were lucky our parents would let us stay up and watch a videotape!



video tape 90's funny


 Yes! Tapes were the best!

I think it might be time to play a game of ‘Name that Childhood Classic’


Here are some 90’s children’s classics, excluding Disney (because we will be here all night!)







karate kid













my girl kiss




Or if we were really lucky we would be allowed to stay up on a Saturday night to enjoy these classic 90’s TV shows…



Night rider

Noel’s house party



All consumed with 90’s awesomeness, we kiss our pop idols goodnight and crawl back into our hallucinogenic bed-covers, care-bear in arm and the gladiators theme tune playing in our heads.

Quiz Answers
Name that 90’s TV show answers:

1# Rugrats

2# Kenan and Kel

3# Sister Sister

4# Funhouse

5# Hey Arnold

6# Round the twist

Name that childhood Classic answers:

1# Goonies

2# Mrs Doubtfire

3# The Karate Kid

4# The Gremlins

5# Clueless

6# Edward Scissorhands

7# Home Alone

8# Honey I shrunk The Kids

9# My Girl

10# The Witches


So, there we go! The Joy’s of the 1990’s….


Feel free to stay and reminisce good times below…

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