bursting suitcase

Hey, folks! See the person up above, trying to squeeze the entire contents of her wardrobe into her suitcase – this is me! Well, it’s not ‘actually’ me, but you know what I mean! Where are you going? I hear you ask…. I’m off to Thailand for Two weeks!





Wait! Before you start the conga celebrations.

Don’t get too excited!

This means…. Dun Dun Dun!


no internet



That’s right, I won’t be online…

sad cartoon funny

It also means I won’t be able to read any blogs…


nothing compares gif


Dry those eyes!


Before I set off on the horizon’s, I’m going to catch up on all my favourite blogs!

Ironically, we’re on a verge of a heat wave in England, and in Thailand, it is monsoon season.


will smith


Are you kidding me?! 


It’s okay, though, our intentions weren’t to frolic on the sandy beaches, ‘says my husband’. It’s more an opportunity to take photographs, attend ‘business’ meetings, and get fully involved in Thailand culture! We are spending our first-week visiting various refugee camps. The following week, I’ll be getting those bikinis out, and heading down to Phuket, and yeah! I’ll be ‘frolicking’ on those beaches…Umbrella in hand!

So, my husband says I am high maintenance! I must say, I am a little offended by this…


*Enters shop*

Me: Do you sell battery powered hair straighteners!


britney says what



Me: Straighteners with batteries in them?





Me: Oh heck! Just forget it…

*Leaves shop empty handed* 


You’re telling me there is no such thing as battery powered hair straighteners?! Why hasn’t anyone invented such a thing!



*Jots down on her ever-growing list of inventions*



carl pilkinton funny


According to my husband, I am the female equivalent to Karl Pilkington (If you don’t know who he is, google him – he’s hilarious!)… Or in other words – An idiot abroad! He says he’s going to keep a vlog, called ‘A High maintenance wife abroad’… Charming and ORIGINAL!


I won’t be posting it on my blog – sadly!


Husband: No, you can’t wear a bathing suit to a refugee camp!


Why do men pack so little?


men packing vs women packing

Aside, from my overly packed suitcase, my husband fears for my uncultured ways.


Me: Where’s the ladies room?

*The husband points to a heap of dirt*

Husband: You dig, and then you squat!


As well as roughing it, we have to endure 14 long flights, one of which, is on a small 50 seat aeroplane! What can I say? I am trembling with excitement! *Hint of sarcasm* 

Dodgy planes and toileting facilities aside, it will be somewhat of an adventure! Hopefully, I will come back in one piece, and have lots of exciting exploits to write about, or ‘rant’ about… as well as, some much promised photography!


Adios Amigo’s….I’ll see y’all in TWO WEEKS!



I shall miss you, ALL!


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