I’m back! Did you miss me? ….Had you realised I’d gone? So I may have underestimated the time I needed to move house, which is why I have been away for so long. As well as not having any internet for 4 FREAKEN WEEKS! That’s right, I was starting to feel like this crazy fella to my left. Let me tell you, I have been experiencing serious WordPress withdrawals and I have missed you all greatly. In fact, every time I happened to walk past a Wi-Fi spot, I’d eagerly check my notifications, a twang of guilt washing over me!


no internet


I am so sorry I haven’t been able to read any of your blogs or respond to any of your comments. No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, I am very much alive and kicking. I just haven’t had the opportunity to get back to you all, which is why I will make a special effort over the next week to catch up on some of my favourite blogs, and respond to all your lovely messages. I am really overwhelmed by all of you who continued to read my blog, despite my absence. I have much respect and appreciation for you all. I’m sending you over a BIG air-hug. Also, a MASSIVE welcome to all my new followers. Thank you for climbing on board!

So, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. As I wave my husband off on his trip to Kurdistan, I wave HELLO to all of you guys That’s right, I’m OFFICIALLY back! 🙂
cardboard box
In between unpacking boxes and procrastinating, I have put together this update…

For those of you who haven’t got time to read my long 2200 + update, here’s my in-a-nutshell version:

Moved house – Enjoying New home (Despite its spookiness!) – No internet for 4 weeks – I found my key to happiness – Made up with my mother-in-Law (Honestly!) – My husband ditched his well-paid job in pursuit of his own happiness – Hating my new neighbours – It’s good to be back…. *Cue the happy dancing*


Read on, to enjoy my full detailed update…


A New Beginning 


As some of you may know, just 7 months ago, following a tough year, I wished to wipe the slate fresh and start over. Little did I know, it wouldn’t quite be the happily ever after I had envisaged. In fact, during the past 7 months, I almost lost it all…including my sanity.


After spending the previous year living separately from my husband (due to work arrangements) we decided to move to Coventry as a family. To cut a long story short, it didn’t work out. In addition to experiencing the Landlord from hell. I felt increasingly homesick, and I watched my marriage rapidly crumble to the ground. My husband and I became lost, confused and trapped. With only the rubble that surround our feet, we did the only thing we could – rebuilt our lives. As the key hit the ignition on moving day, I didn’t shed tears of sadness, but rather, tears of joy. For this signified the closure of yet another rotten chapter in my life. And so I embarked on a fresh one, the pages were blank for me to write upon…or so I thought.


Bumps in the road


As we know, life doesn’t always go the way we plan. For the pages in our books are not completely blank, they are grainy, ragged and torn. Come moving day, we came across many grains upon the page. Visually, we knew exactly what we wished to write and how we hoped to write it. However, as the ink bled carelessly onto the paper, its smudges and disarray, left us feeling discontented. To put it into layman’s terms, things didn’t go the way we had planned.



Firstly, as we placed the key into our front door, it became clear it wasn’t going to open. After ten minutes of almost breaking the key (and the door!) in the process, my husband had to bump me up and over the back garden wall. Passers-by looked at us curiously, a “Shall I call the police?” expression upon their face. Finally, we managed to ‘break into’ our new home, and we felt excitement about the day ahead. Our excitement soon fizzled out as we learned there had been a collision on the motorway. A caravan and car had gone up into flames and consequently put us back 5 hours! As I drove past the wreckage, it was clear people had lost their lives. Suddenly, it didn’t matter about being stuck in back-to-back traffic, I felt grateful to be alive. The fragility of life evermore apparent.

I’ve become quite the professional in moving house, having moved more times than I can remember. However, I’d forgotten how much I absolutely despise the moving process. Two broken toes, several broken vases and 7 years bad luck, later, I could say with all certainty that I never EVER want to move EVER again.

We got back to the house short of midnight. With no bed to sleep on, we had no other option than unload the van there and then. Unfortunately, the mattress had been packed mid to back section of the moving van. As we made noises throughout the night, we were already blessed with the title of the streets BEST NEIGHBOURS. Oops!


Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!



Fast forward a few days and we had all settled into our new home. The house dates back to the 1890’s, in all its rustic glory. Period fireplaces, quirky stain-glass window features and wooden floorboards throughout – I love it! However, I can’t help but feel a little spooked by this place. Having lived in a haunted house once before, I feel like we’re not completely alone here, there’s this presence. As I peddle my tricycle down the long and eerie corridors at night, I half expect to be confronted by a pair of spooky twins, hand in hand. As I brush my teeth I stare fearfully at the plug hole, expecting an eyeball to be gazing up at me and just before I hit the hay, I do a double check under the bed. Perhaps I watch too many horror movies?

But as I lie in bed at night, the floorboards creak and things go BANG! There’s only so many times I can make rational explanations… Maybe a cat climbed through the window? Perhaps one of my children switched on that light? The wind must have blown open that door! It doesn’t help matters when my 4-year-old son keeps mentioning a monster in his room. This hair-pulling monster he describes as having two heads, an egg belly, sharp teeth and whiskers. Yes! You wouldn’t want to pass this one in a dark alley, would you? For now, I’ll brush it off and put it down to his obsession with all things Scooby doo. *Keeps holy water to hand and sleeps with one eye open*.

Rough rides and Ghostbusters aside, it feels so great to be back in my hometown. I am feeling increasingly positive about my future. My husband and I, have even booked a ‘much needed’ romantic trip to Thailand next month.  *Cracks out my sombrero* Honeymoon TAKE TWO here we come! Honeymoon Take one <- Let’s hope it’s better than this one!

Ghosts and sombrero’s aside, my husband has taken a different turn in his career path. As he says goodbye to his job working for the rich oil company and hello to an unpaid placement with the UN, I say goodbye to my collection of Prada handbags and HELLO to thrift store shopping. But do you know what? It doesn’t bother me all that much because happiness is worth more than its weight in Prada handbags…YES, happiness, although priceless, is the most enriching possession of all. Confused much? So am I….So am I.


Oh, for the love of blog!


Having had a few weeks off from blogging, I have been reflecting on why it has become so fundamental to my life. In all honesty, I only started this blog because it was on a long list of ‘must do’s’ I had set myself at the beginning of the year (check out the link!) sadly, only a few things on my list have been ticked off. But why do we put such pressure on ourselves to conform to these ideals we set for ourselves? In reflection, this list was only ever going to be yet another reason to ‘damn myself’ for not living the way I ‘feel’ I should live. So the list soon went down the (You fill in the gap!) but why did the blog stay?


happiness is right next to you


4 months ago, I was in a pretty dark place. I felt lost and was desperately trying to search for happiness. I had this idea that if I lived a better existence, then life would become better. It makes sense, doesn’t it? However, my search for happiness naturally came to an end, as I soon realised that I didn’t need to search for it in the first place, happiness was right next to me. In fact, I had been so busy searching for it, I had walked straight past it. We can all fill our lives with ‘things’ we associate with happiness, but happiness is a state of mind and ultimately has to come from within. We all hold the key to our own happiness, but it’s about how we use that key – do we keep it in our pockets for safe keeping, or do we open new doors?

So I found my key, opened many a door and realised I didn’t need to complete that never-ending list. Don’t panic! I’m not ready to hang up my bloggles just yet. Blogging has become more than just a contender on my list. It has not only become a canvas for me to creatively explode upon, it’s also a place I can reach out to others, like-minded or from completely different walks of life. My blog isn’t about popularity or how many followers I have (Although, I appreciate the support!) 🙂 it’s about making connections with others, and being a part of a big blogging community. It’s not about the recognition I achieve as a blogger, it’s about recognising the talents in others, and becoming inspired by them. I could go on…but before I get slapped in the face with a wet fish, I’ll save it for a classic AMANDA rant.



Monster-in-law anyone?


Talking of rants…


As some of you may know, I’m not on the best terms with monster-in-law  but she took her crazy ways a step too far a few weekends ago, when she faked her own DEATH…


No, she didn’t really…


However, she did fake a panic attack. Why? I hear you ask! Well, because she hoped this would guilt trip her son into calling her. He’s been ignoring her for the past few months since she criticised us to the point we regressed into our child selves and cried in our bedroom for two hours. Anyway, her plan worked, he called her and invited her to see our new home. She has become quite the professional at pulling out the old VICTIM card *Rolls eyes*

Although, she popped the victim card away before her visit and was actually as nice as one of her homemade (from scratch Darling!) pies!

Just as I was about to open up the Monster-in-Law swap shop, I stopped in my tracks and thought, it’s time to build bridges and let all the animosity go. I need to put it in a balloon and LET IT GO! In life, we have to accept people for who they are, the good and the bad. I have grown to accept my mother-in-law, warts and all.

By all means, if anyone wants to swap their mother-in-law for mine, send me their details and I’ll send mine off on her broom….

She makes AMAZING cakes *smiles* her lemon drizzle cake is to die for, no seriously, it really is.


CAUTION:  she’s partial to a drop of poison, from time to time.


I’m kidding!


*whispers* No, I’m not really, but my husband might be reading this…so I have to be kind!


Love thy neighbour?


a new beginning


Whilst we are on the topic of swapping, anyone want to swap neighbours with me too? If slamming doors, barking dogs and gangster rap playing into the early hours of the morning, are your cup of tea. Please let me know… If I hear another Dizzee Rascal number, I’ll be reaching for those poisonous cakes and shoving them down the throats of my fellow neighbours! It’s okay, my husband and I can make music of our own and equally as loud! As the Jungle music blares into the early hours and I have to endure yet another Jeremy Kyle-styled Blazing row, I begin to realise, perhaps my ex bin-swapping, phone line cutting neighbours weren’t so bad after all. But I guess every silver lining has its cloud and all that! Looks like a rant about neighbours might be on the horizon.

Poisonous cakes and wannabe rappers aside, it’s good to be back guys!


*Does the HAPPY dance*


I look forward to catching up with everyone and getting my BLOG on! Whoopie!


I’m going to kick-start my blogging return with an article about my ABSOLUTE Favourite social networking site, called; 10 things I hate about Facebook. Please stay tuned!


….Is anyone still awake?


*The sound of crickets fill the room* 


In that case, I’ll leave you with a picture of quite possibly the cutest dog in the world and one last apology for being away for so long! Adios for now, Amigos!


a new beginning


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