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Happy Monday Tuesday everyone! I’m kick starting this week with a bundle of awards. You beautiful people keep nominating me for these fantastic awards. What can I say! As I look at this growing pile of awards, I am overwhelmed by emotion. My face resembles nothing less than this little fella to the left. A huge thank you to everyone who thought of me and my blog during their own award process. It means so much and I shall dedicate this post to going through every one of them, to show my true appreciation. I can only apologise that it has taken so long for me to put them up! *looks guilty*

As some of you may know, I’m in the process of moving house/city. This means I won’t be able to spin out any of my usual posts this week. *The violins begin to play*. I have boxes staring at me from every direction, screaming “fill me…fill me!”. Before these boxes box me into a corner of no return, I’d better start preparing for this BIG move and next chapter in my life.



I hope you like award ceremonies, because I have several stashed behind this curtain. By the end of this post, you’ll be so sick of these awards, you’ll wish the boxes had taken me into their box realm! I’ll try and keep them as entertaining as I can! If this means filling my post with adorable animals…then so be it! Obviously, I am overwhelmed by your generosity and feel completely greedy for having so many.

So without further ado, let’s get this award ceremony started!


*Queue the melodramatic music*


Here goes award number one.

And so the drum roll begins…


The Liebster Blogging AWARD


Thank you ever so much lighthouselantern at  http://lighthouselantern.wordpress.com/ for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. If you get the chance, please check out this blog – A very talented poet indeed. Also, a big congratulations to you on your award. It’s truly deserved.

liebster-2014 award1

So somewhere along the line someone changed the rules and said we had to come up with a poem instead of answering the set questions. Geez, as much as I enjoy reading the poetry of others, I haven’t written poetry since I was an angst-ridden teenager! Therefore, I am doing what I do the best, stamping my feet and saying “No, I’m not doing that!”. Since rules are made to be broken, I have set my own rules (What the heck!). Now, you all know I am a fan of ranting. However, as much as I love having a good old fashioned moan, I also love to hear about other peoples pet peaves too! So, the rules for this award are;

Rules for accepting this Liebster:


  • Thank the blogger that nominated you (Moi!)
  • Either, write a small poem – less than 30 words – describing your blog and/or you, or alternatively,  Choose five things/people to banish to ROOM 101.


  • Nominate 3 worthy fellow bloggers and post a comment on their blog informing them they are nominated/awarded.


Five things I would banish to ROOM 101  

Mine are;

  1. Clowns: My fear of clowns developed soon after a 4th birthday party. After a surprise visit from one dishevelled looking clown known as Ronald Mcdonold, I took hostage behind a plant pot and missed the entire party. In my defense, this clown looked more horror film psycho-killer, than children’s entertainer.
  2. Grumpy people: There is nothing worse than being around negative people. Negative people are so infectious. I walked into a shop today, looking for a wardrobe for my daughter. I simply said  “Hi” to the man behind the desk, to which he just looked at me, as though I was wasting his precious time and breath, and huffed. Needless to say, I walked straight back out…What a banker with W. *Huff*
  3. Dodgy Landlords: Approaching my 29th day without hot water, heating and cooking facilities, I can say with assurance, that I will NEVER EVER trust another landlord as long as I live. Okay…Okay, I know I shouldn’t paint every future landlord with the same tarred brush, but after spending the past month looking and smelling like Dustbin Dolly…who can blame me?
  4. Clipboard Critters: Casually walking around the shops, only to be inturpted by some person and thier clipboard, asking whether I can sigh up to YET ANOTHER charity. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% supportive of any charity, in fact my husband is the founder of one. However, if I want to join a chairty, it should be of my choice and I shouldn’t be made to feel pressurised to do so. Once these Clipboard Critters have caught you in thier trap, they spend the next hour trying to guilt trip us into joining thier good cause. These days I find myself running away from them, or if there’s an unexpected knock at my door, I hide under my dining room table.
  5. Dentist: It’s a miricle I have a pair of shiny whites (Yes, they’re my own!) considering my PHOBIA of the dentist, and all
    things denistry. The sound of those screaming drills, the smell of anesthetic and those latex gloves that go PING! My biggest fear is the dentist chair. As a child, I wouldn’t even step into the denists room, let alone sit in that robotic-looking mostrosity of a chair. Instead, he had to check my teeth in the waiting room with a dozen curious eyes staring at me.

dentist chair

 The Nominee’s 






I hope you’re all happy with your nomination. Again, I have tried to mix it up a bit and I have choosen some blogs I have recently discovered and enjoy.


Award number two, three, four, five and six…




My next award is The Quintet of radiance award. I was nominated by the lovely http://dietrying999.wordpress.com/If you get the chance, this blog is so worth a read. Also, a big congratulations to you on your award. You deserve it Lady 🙂


Most Influential Blogger 



Awesome Blog Contest Award 


Inner Peace AWARD


Sunshine Award 

award 16

The Versatile Blogger Award

versatile blogger


Rules for accepting the Quintet of Radiance Award


1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Write a word about yourself for every letter of the English alphabet
3. Nominate other bloggers for this award.
4. Announce the nominations to the nominees.

In honoring the rules of the Quintet of Radiance Awards, I must give you, a word about myself, for each letter of the alphabet. I’ve already done this once before, and could have quite cheakily pulled out the old ‘copy and paste’ jobby, but rather than cheat…I have come up with alternative words for each – I think this deserves a pat on the back…and a cookie! Anyway, here goes…

A = Artistic – I have the painting skills of a three year old, however, I am pretty good at sketching.

B = Busy – This pretty much sums up my life right now…I just don’t stop! Someone fetch me a holiday…quick!

C = Curious – I would describe myself as quite an inquisitive person.

D = Dancer – I used to be a dancer. From ballet to contempary…You wouldn’t catch me doing the caterpillar though!

E = Easy going – I would describe myself as easy going and can pretty much get along with anyone.

F = Fortunate – I have been extremely blessed in life and I am grateful for all I have.

G = Generous – I generally put others before myself.

H = Hilarious – Well at least I like to think so, I always catch myself laughing at my own jokes, when everyone else in the room is completely silent. Oops!

I = Imaginative – I live in this magical world inside my head, sometimes it’s hard to come back to reality. I like my all singing, all dancing, theatrical bubble.

J = Joyous – Most of the time I am as jolly as the Jolly Green Giant 🙂

K = Kindhearted – My heart is generally in the right place, unless I’m angry, then you won’t want to cross my path!

L = lonely – It has been a lonely year in Coventry, away from all my friends and family. However, before those violins begin to play, I am only a few short days away from moving back to my lovely hometown in Somerset…Place of the Cider and cows…Oh how I have missed you! 

M = Mysterious – Some may describe me as mysterious due to my dark side.  It sounds dodgier than it is… I’m no secret batman!

N = Naive – What?! Ham burgers are NOT made from HAM?!

O = Optimistic – Most of the time I am upbeat and optimistic. I can often see the positive in a negative situation. 

P = Picky – I am a bit of a fuss pot – especially when it comes to food!

Q = Quiet – Believe it or not, I am incredible shy and quiet.

R = Respectful – I always like to be repectful to others. 

S = Stupid – Not always, but most of the time I am a complete AIR HEAD… 

T = Trustworthy – I consider myself to be very trustworthy, I can’t lie to save my life and always feel guilty, even when I haven’t done anything wrong. 

U = Unaware – Too many a time I have walked into a lamppost! Unware is an understatement. 

V = Vibrant –If my personality was a colour, it would be one of vibrance. 

W = Worthy – I have spent too much of my life believing I was anything but worthy, but now I have learned that I do have worth. 🙂

X = Xylophone xylology (meaning the study of wood!) – Yeah, because I like to study wood on a regular basis! 

Y = Yawning – I do this too much!

Z = Zesty – I am very passionate and have a real zest for life.


The nominee’s  






Now to send this quintuple award on. I hope you guys are happy with your nomination, and send it on. I won’t be offended if you don’t pass it on. I realise it’s time consuming and not for everyone – whether you accept these awards or not…I still think YOU’RE FABULOUS!


Award number seven …


Sisterhood of the world of Bloggers Award

Award 13


This award just makes me wanna sing “Sisters are doing it for themselves”… I’ll stop now!


The Rules

Simply display the Sisterhood Logo and nominatee 12 worthy Girls/Sisters for the award.

Thank you to Jane Good from http://cupidorcats.wordpress.com/ – It’s an absolute honour to recieve this from such an awesome blogger. Please check out her blog, it has brought me many smiles and laughs 🙂 Also, a big congratulations to you on your award – Your blog is one of my faves *whispers, don’t tell the others!*


The nominee’s















Award number 8…


Wonderful Team Member Readership AWARD 


award 15


Thank you to Coach Muller from http://goodtimestories.wordpress.com/ for my first ever Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. I am so honoured to recieve this award from you. You blog is so inspiring. Also, a big congratulations to you on your award. It’s truly deserved.

It is now my privilege to announce my nominations for this awesome award.

The rules

1) The nominee of the “Wonderful Team Readership Award” shall display the logo on their blog.

2) The nominee shall nominate 14 other bloggers they appreciate over a period of 7 days, all at once, or little by little, linking to their blogs and telling them about it at their blogs.

So, without further ado, here is my list of nominations for the “Wonderful Team Readership Award.”


The nominee’s 

The first batch:







*Taps on the microphone* Hello….hello….is anyone still there?!


I have cute animals!!!

A big thank you again for all these beautiful awards. I can’t express enough, how much I appreciate it. Now, It only took me THREE days to bring you this little awards ceremony – between packing boxes, travelling to my mums and enjoying spot of relaxation before the big move. Now for three more days of sun and being over fed by my over-fussing mother, before boxes become my life once again!

fattest cat

As you can see, I have gained a few pounds!

It goes without saying that I have missed you all dearly. Not to worry though, I haven’t hung up my blogging goggles (Can we call them Bloggles?)  forever, I’ll be back next week, when I’ll be talking Facebook, Infidelity and The 90’s. Furthermore, I will also be guest writing for my very first time for Leroy Milton on his website  http://leroymilton.com/ which I am very excited about. Keep your eyes OPEN for this one! 🙂

Before I join the after party, I’ll leave you with YET ANOTHER cute animal…


super cute panda


Oh my GOSH…I don’t even know what animal this is, but can I have one please? I want to take it home and love it forever!!!



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