So it turns out this week has been a pretty AWESOME week (despite STILL being without heating and hot water!) The glass is half full and all that!

Unshowered and colder than a furless penguin in the wind, how could you be so happy? I hear you ask.




Firstly, my ‘freezing my arse’ days are coming to an end. We are moving into our new WARM beautiful beauty of a house on the 16th of April. *Does the happy dance*.




Secondly, my daughter has got a placement at her new school (which is literally just on the doorstep of our new home!) WOO HOO! No more walking up a mountain  (So, when I say a mountain I  actually mean a large hill!) every day, puffing and panting more than this poor fella above!

Thirdly, My husband has a new job *More happy dancing* and erm *cough* Yes, it’s with the oil company. No more living like peasants!

Fourthly, I passed my photography course with a distinction (which probably means I should post some of my photography on here soon!) No more excuses, I promise!

Fifthly, I had a shower… and it was sooooo good! It was a charity shower, but a shower none the less. I look and feel radiant again!

Fifthly, I have some new followers. Thanks for climbing on board guys, I appreciate it… Although I expect some of you have left already, due to my over excitement about having a shower. Please come back!!! It’s not my fault my landlord is a D*** (you fill in the gaps!)


And so this brings me to some really exciting news…




  This is my face right now!


I have just been nominated for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD (For a third time) by the lovely (and very talented) zareenn3 from If you get the chance, please check it out – she’s one of my faves! I’m so sorry it has taken me so long. I’m surrounded by a box village right now…but better late than never…




So here are the nominee’s. I have tried to mix it up a bit and have chucked in some of my new favorites. I hope you’re all happy with your nominations. If not, you can pop them into this box right here, I won’t be offended. I know and appreciate that a lot of work goes into the creating of these awards.




drum roll please…. *Starts drumming energetically*




















Okay, so if your award didn’t go into the BOX OF RETURNS, all you need to do is….Thank the person who gave you the award (MOI!) and leave a link to thier blog, choose 15 nominees, answer 7 interesting/random facts about yourself and pass the award on – simples!

As the rules go, I now have to tell you the 7 interesting facts about me. Seeing as this is my third time, I am sorta running out of interesting facts, but what the heck…

1; I am very flexible. I can not only wrap my feet around my head, but I can also do the splits!

2; When I was a kid I used to collect woodlice (in a tub). Before you phone the RSPCA, I looked after them well and fed them (orange juice and biscuits) on a regular basis!

3; I was a complete Tom boy until I discovered the *cringe* Spice girls. I went through a stage when my music taste was questionable. I was also a fan of …. brace yourself….Peter Andre!

4; My first ever tape (I’m old school!) was The Cranberries. My favourite song was Zombie!

5; On the topic of music, before I had a tape player (is that what they’re called?) I owned a record player. My first record was Band-aid 1984 ‘do they know it’s Christmas time’ … hmmm!

6; In the prime of my youth I liked to experiment with my hair, I have had every style and colour going…apart from the mohawk, I draw a line at the mohawk!

7; To add to my ever-growing list of wanted animals.I would also like a baby Koala bear… in a cup! Look at him, I want to kiss his nose!!!!




and lastly, I want to send a big THANKYOU to everyone 🙂

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