It’s that time again…*Cracks open the champagne*. It seems like just yesterday I was doing my 500 followers  happy dance. Now I have a whopping 1000 followers, I feel a bit….Dude, what’s going on?  Having said that, I am completely overwhelmed by all of your support. If it wasn’t for you readers, I wouldn’t be here doing what I love! So a big thank you to every ONE of you!

*Gives you all an air hug*


Oh,  what the heck….

*Grabs the microphone*


I started my blogging journey in a dark place. Lost and broken, I decided to turn all this hurt into something positive. Writing helped me achieve this. It helped heal my wounds and enabled me to ‘let go’. Three (and a half!) months into my blog, I find myself in a much better place. I am ready to face the world again! In many ways, writing has saved me…..from hitting my husband over the head with a baseball bat! (Just kidding, I love him dearly!).

…And yeah, it still rains from time to time, but I am out there dancing and splashing in the puddles!

In all honesty, I could have 50 followers and I’d still be dancing joyously in the rain.




*Puts the microphone down before she gets booed off her imaginary stage*

Girl-With-Puddle 1000 followers

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