I think this is a cause for celebration *cracks open the champagne*. I woke up in a sweat, after having a nightmare featuring… none other than my Mother-in-law!!! However, my panic was soon replaced by a big SMILE, as I realised I had reached a whopping 500 followers. I guess, this is just a drop in the ocean for some of you pro-bloggers, but it’s a big SPLASH for a newbie like me! Sure, some of you might be following me out of pity (hehe). However, I would like to take a moment to say a BIG thank you to ALL of you!



Gosh… I sound like one of those blubbering celebrities at some prestigious award ceremony *gives herself an imaginary slap* ….but what the heck, I’ll give you a little speech…

In all honesty, when I first embarked upon this ‘blogging’ journey, I didn’t expect anyone to read my posts (not even a bean!) I guess, it was more for personal gratification, a place I could offload, let my words run free. I find writing is both therapeutic and hugely rewarding. 3 months into my blog and so many lovely comments (and LIKES!), has not only put a MASSIVE smile on my face (especially after a truly terrible weekend, involving;  2 gas leaks, 1 cowboy landlord, several cold showers and more microwaves meals than ones stomach can tolerate!) it has really pushed me to continue in my blogging QUEST.


So I guess, you’re all stuck with me now!!!


Thanks again, and have a great day everyone!


*celebrateeeeee good times… come on!* – plays in the background, as I do the ‘happy dance’ like nobody is watching!




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