Friendships are like the waves in the sea, sometimes they flow naturally and effortlessly, other times, they crash and collide. Despite the fact people continually walk in and out of our lives, it’s rare to find that special someone. That someone that makes you feel so alive, it feels like your heart is exploding with fireworks. That someone, which no matter how much time or distance comes between you, the connection remains unbroken. You just pick up where you left off, with the same warm feeling in your heart.




Sometimes we dig our toes into the sand, too scared to let the tide touch our feet. We have been hurt before, and we fear the unknown. After a while we become a little braver, we allow the ebbs of the waves to wash over our feet, sometimes it feels warm and comforting, other times, we get a nasty shock. This mirrors our everyday encounters with people. Sometimes, we instantly make a connection, and we long to go deeper. The times when we get an unpleasant surprise, we tend to take a leap back and reevaluate the situation. When you meet your soul mate, there’s no hopping in and out, you just throw yourself in and let the current take you away.

It is commonly accepted that one will feel ‘complete’ once they have found their soul mate, and when this happens their souls will unite. I simply believe that there are some people in life you will meet and make that special connection with. This could be your significant other, it might not be. You might have one soul mate, or you might have more than one. One thing is for certain, once you meet your soul mate, they will always be a part of your life.




You could be drowning under the crashing waves. Lost and hopeless, you know the hand reaching down to pull you back up, is that special person in your life. The person that always pulls you up when you are in your weakest, or darkest moments. They breathe life into your fragile body and make you feel alive again. You don’t know what you’d do without them. Your savior, your soul mate, your world.

There have been times in my life when I have been in a boat without a paddle. There have been times when I could have so easily slipped to the bottom of the sea. Fortunately, I had that very special person in my life, to reach down, pick me up and dry me off again. They know I would do the same, in a heartbeat.




Together, you ride out the stormiest weather. The hard times just make you stronger. You climb onto your water raft, breathing a sigh of relief as the sky has cried its last tears. In the tranquil moment, as the sun shines down on you both, you reflect on your journey together. It’s an on-going journey, and at times, one you will ride alone. It’s inevitable, that storms will come, but blue skies will follow. The beautiful truth is…You’ll never feel alone because you know you’ll always be in each other’s hearts.

My soulmate taught me how to swim through the roughest waves. They taught me not to be afraid. Now, I just let myself go with the flow, in whatever direction destiny takes me. Taking each breath as it comes.


I dedicate this post to a very special friend (you know who you are!).

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