I’m one of these people who will start a project with great intentions and enthusiasm. Only, to get halfway through, and find my inspiration has completely diminished. I toss it onto the ever-growing pile of ‘unfinished projects’ and then sulk like an empty-handed kid in a sweet shop.

So, this weekend my husband and I, are going to a Greek-themed wedding. Unfortunately, it’s in London, not Greece. How my body yearns for the sun! My husband has been given this dreadful cream penguin-suit to wear. When I say penguin suit, I don’t mean an actual penguin. What I mean is a tuxedo-styled suit. Anyway, I didn’t have a dress to complement it. So, In a lightbulb moment, I decided I must make the dress…myself!


Yeah! I made it myself


I love to sew, but I’m not on the best terms with my sewing machine. There’s nothing worse than getting into the flow of things, and then….CLUNK! The damn machine messes up. I sew in the evenings when the children are tucked up in bed, due to the language that escapes my lips. As I scream profanities and thump my fist on my sewing machine (because that’s going to help!), my neighbours grow to hate me, all the more. I’m sure they wouldn’t bat an eyelid if they saw a flaming sewing machine fly past their window, whilst they watch their evening soaps. “There she goes again”, they’d sigh.

After cursing more times than a witch in a hotpot, I finally completed my dress. And yeah! I made it myself. I daren’t sneeze in it, otherwise the embellishments will fall off like an avalanche. I better not dance like a Greek, either. In fact, I’ll just sit rigidly on a chair, in the corner, away from people… and look pretty!


Yeah! I made it myself

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