Enrol on a Photography Course



“A Born Again Student”


I braved one of the rougher parts of Coventry on Wednesday so I could enrol on a photography course. As I approached the big industrial looking building, some youths were standing outside, cursing and generally acting like T***’s. In that present moment, all I wanted to do was run like I had never run before…In the opposite direction!


born again student


However, I felt the fear and did it anyway…no! I didn’t start a fight with the teenage thugs, nor did I teach them a thing or two about etiquette…I just kept my head down and avoided eye-contact at all expense,

until I got to my room. To my surprise, I was confronted by a room filled with 17-year-old street kidz. It was one of those tumbleweed moments, silence fell upon the room, thirty pairs of eyes on me and my face resembling a cherry tomato! Not only was I fearing for my life, but I was also, well and truly, feeling like an OLD FART!!!

Fortunately, I had got the wrong room and was soon guided to a much quieter room. A chat with the photography tutor soon eased my doubts and I took the plunge to enrol. A pair of tracky bottoms, some gold chains and a baseball cap later and some might say, I am a born and student! Yeah, Bruv…Innit!




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