This is me, Amanda. I look a bit…. awkward. I find the whole ‘selfie’ thing a bit embarrassing, however, I thought it would be good to put a face to the blog.




Anyway, I am 27-years-old and I have recently moved to the grey and depressing city of Coventry. Like Goths and Emos wear their feelings, the Coventry folk like nothing more than GREY jogging bottoms…a reflection of their personalities perhaps?!

Last year wasn’t a great year for me. On New Years Eve, whilst a bit tipsy on the wine, I decided to write a ‘bucket list’ of things to achieve for this year. Fear not….There is nothing extreme on my list – no walking on glass, jumping through fire or eating my weight in Donuts….Boring I know!!!



Here are some of the things I need to do… 


new year


Eat Healthy

This one is so cliché. However, I’m not getting any younger and one day my fast metabolism is going to well and truly pack up. If I keep on gorging on chocolate, cake and sweets I’m going to wake up one day to find my belly hits the floor with a big THUD! This aside, it is common knowledge that healthy food gives you more energy….I need this in my life. With 3 children running me ragged, I need all the energy I can possibly get! To help me with my quest to healthiness, I am going to keep a blog of new ‘healthy’ recipes. No more McDonalds, Fry up’s and all things sweet…Energy and fabulous skin, here I come!!!




Exercise more 

<- This is what I feel like when I do anything strenuous – Hot, sweating and out of breath. I have the pleasure of living on top of a hill, which is great when I walk down it…I can practically squeeze myself into a ball and roll down it, However, it proves problematic when I have to climb back up the hill… especially when loaded with shopping bags. It is during these ‘fat man on treadmill’ moments when I start to question my fitness. I like to think I am the picture of health and fitness, however, my stamina and energy has proven me so WRONG! Therefore, I plan to exercise more frequently. Again I shall keep you posted on the fitness plan!



Stress Less

This is something I do A LOT! I spend my life stressing about, well… EVERYTHING! Someone once told me that stress is a waste of time. 90% of time is spent stressing when not needed. It’s time to stop all the over-thinking, dwelling and assumptions. I need to chill out and rest my fretful head!!! I need to shake this negativity and find positivity and happiness.


laugh more


Laugh more

Get those violins out…for I have laughed less this past year, than any other year. I have forgotten what it feels like to laugh so uncontrollably that tears roll down your cheeks and a little bit of wee comes out!!! Through the hustles and bustles of everyday life, I feel like I have lost my sense of humour and ability to act infantile and irresponsible. I question, when did life become so serious? or rather, when did I lose my sense of fun & playfulness… Anyway, I hope to find that child in me once again and laugh more! 



Find three more hobbies

I am a lady of many hobbies and have many a finger in different pies. I especially love to sew. I have bags of creativity waiting to burst from within me…but would love to try out some new pies (or should I say hobbies!). I’m not quite sure what hobbies to take up yet, but I would love to get back into sketching again. Perhaps I should take up dance… My current moves need a bit of updating and frankly I am an embarrassment on the dance-floor. Picture an octopus with numb legs and you’re almost there.


career sign

Take steps to getting a career

I am one of these people who has never really known what they wanted to do in life. Whilst my husband is off around the world saving dying children… I have no desire to do such things and consequently feel a little bit guilty inside. I have embarked upon many career wagon, but only to crawl, fall, leap off again. I guess, like many, a part of me fears failure. It gets worse with every year that goes by…the clock is ticking and I’m thinking ‘what the hell am I going to do?!’. Well, this year I am going to explore what it is that makes me tick…I’m going to jump on that career wagon and I’m going to cling on for dear life!

breastfeeding yoga


Take Alex to a baby group (again!)


Take a look at the image to the left…this is exactly why I don’t do baby groups. These breastfeeding, baby yoga-going hippy types are a little too intense for my liking. The last baby group I went to, I walk in on a group of middle-aged women talking about their collapsing pelvic floors – Not what I want to be hearing as I dipped my bourbon into my cup of tea. I have nothing again breastfeeding nor yoga…but it is the combination and the way these ladies would almost choke on their biscuits if I said anything that doesn’t fit into their baby bibles. ‘WHAT, You don’t breastfeed your 4-year-old son?!’. Hippy momma’s aside, I realise that I must take my 18-month-old son to these groups because he LOVES them…which is why this is on my list. I will keep you posted on my baby group experiences!


make an effort to see friends

Make more of an effort to see my friends


It has been tough being away from home this year. I often take road trips back, but it’s not quite the same. My friends have been so fundamental in my life, that I feel like I owe them more. I would love to come back more often, or for longer periods of time….No screw that, I would love to flee Coventry and come back home!!! I’m not sure what the future has in store for me, but no matter where I am in the world I will always carry my friends with me…in my imaginary backpack! So, this year I would like to make that extra effort and spend more quality time with my friends.



Rekindle three lost friendships


Whilst on the topic of friends, there are so many people that I have lost contact with. Many of which, I miss greatly. It’s a fact of life, people fall out of contact with others. It is often more difficult to rekindle such relationship because of the lost time between you. I think this might be a tough one. However, very worthwhile if all goes to plan…watch out I’m coming for you!!!



Make Phoebe a patchwork quilt


I just love making things for my children! This year I plan to complete a patchwork quilt for my daughter, Phoebe. So far I have cut out about 50 squares! I haven’t made a patchwork blanket before as I sort of disregard anything that looks too complicated. Apparently, the patchwork quilt isn’t that complicated at all. Therefore, I will soon be posting ‘An Idiots Guide to Patchwork Quilting’, so you can have a go… if that floats your boat!


cute dress

Make my niece Ava that dress I promised her


So I had high hopes for an ‘all singing, all dancing’ dress for my nieces Christening present…12 months go trundling by and still no sign of the dress. Basically, I bit off more than I could chew and got a bit overwhelmed by it all, therefore it has been sat, in pieces, at the bottom of my sewing basket. Lesson to be learned – Work within your means. So this year I will be making little Ava a gorgeous summer dress (It will be summer by the time I make it. You can track my progress on my fashion journal!


show interest


Show more of an interest in my husband’s Career/Charity


This is an important one. My husband has done amazing things and although I don’t always show it, I am ever so proud of him. However, that humanitarian BS (as great as it is!) doesn’t really float my boat. You see…I’m just not ready to ditch my bra and let my boobs hang free, I’m not ready to adopt a Syrian child and I’m certainly not ready to trade my luxuries for a mud hut – I shall leave that pleasure to Bob Geldof. However, I love my husband, and, therefore, I need to show an interest in his passions in life.

new year new beginning


Read more books – Get inspired!

I am not the greatest of book reader I must admit. I have the attention span of a small child and can only cope with small doses of focusing. When I was going through a tough time I started to read Self-help books by the dozen. By the end of these books, I was the happiest person in the world and had high ambitions to go out and save the whales…and what not! This is just an example of how inspiring books can be and quite frankly, I need inspiration in my life. Throw me a book…QUICK!!!



Save up money to go on a weekend away

My husband and I barely ever get any time away from our lovely children. I think It’s important to get away sometimes, inject a bit of romance into our lives. However, due to lack of funds and the general business of everyday life, we seldom get the chance to get away. Our last romantic break was our honeymoon to Mexico – 3 YEARS AGO! Saying that, I did receive a rather lovely Christmas present for a weekend for two, in a Mayfair hotel…*Gets the sexy lingerie out from the attic*



Learn three more sewing techniques


can sew… However, I am a lazy sewer! I cut corners at every opportunity if there’s an easier way – I’m there! This year I want to learn three more techniques. One of these MUST be sewing in a zip. I loath zips and avoid them at every cost. There is something very scary about those sharp silvery teeth!!! Anyway, It’s time to crack my sewing bible open and freshen up my sewing skills! In a years time, my sewing ability will put the modern day Mary Poppins, Kirsty Allsopp to shame!


geeky kid

Write a blog – Get with the 21st Century


It’s time to put my reading glasses on and pull my waistband up to my nipples – I am determined to be more computer savvy! Well, my husband bought me a new laptop, so it would be rude not too. He is also fed up with my lack of knowledge for all things technical… ‘No, Amanda…thumping the computer with your fist will not turn the computer on, that’s what the on button is for’. So far I think I’m doing pretty well with my new blog…who would have thought it would be so much fun!!! I’m totally embracing my inner nerd.

open book


Write a book

This may sound a little crazy, but I have always wanted to write my own book. In the past, I have made pathetic attempts at writing books – from autobiographies (not that my life is remotely interesting!) to exotic novels. However, I feel I am at the right stage of my life to write a book and finish it. After a pretty crappy 18 months I need to close that chapter in my life and turn those bad experiences into something positive!

new friend


Make a new friend

So I have been living in Coventry for 6 months and I haven’t made one friend…not one friend! Some might say I have become a bit of a recluse, but I would say that I haven’t found anyone worthy of my friendship title. The folk in my neighbourhood are a little bit strange. They tend to keep themselves to themselves and avoid conversation at all cost. Neither of my neighbours speak to me, in fact, the neighbours to the right not only keep moving our wheely bin into random places around the close but have also cut our phone lines…TWICE! I think it might have something to do with our lack of grass cutting shaming the locals in their pristine glory! I need to choose a friend wisely as I don’t want my head to be severed and shoved into a compost heap somewhere!


burnt food


Get into Cookery

Take a look at the image to your left. This looks very familiar…I guess that’s because it resembles my cooking (or lack of!). I am a little bit scared of the kitchen, all those sharp knives, spitting pans and too many spices to know what to do with. It’s all a bit intimidating, especially because my husband is a far better cook than me. My cooking skills go as far as… burnt stew! However, this year is about exploring new things and I would love to be able to cook new meals. Gone with the days of burnt toast and undercooked chicken, I’m tying up my apron strings and I’m going to get domesticated.


Encourage date night once a week

A date, what’s a date?! It’s been a long time since my husband and I went on a romantic date…well, not one without getting into an argument or ending in tears. Due to lack of funds and babysitters, we may have to come up with imaginative dates from the home… a meal followed by some sexy time sounds great to me, same time next week?


find myself


Find myself again


As I mentioned before, I feel like I have lost my mojo! This year I’m on a mission to find myself again. It’s so easy to get bogged down by the hustle and bustle of everyday existing. It’s so easy to forget how to live a little, take risks and push yourself.

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will achieve nothing in life”.

As scary as it sounds, it’s true. I have spent too much of my life sitting on the safe side of the fence, looking through and wishing exciting things would come my way.It’s time to hop over that fence and explore new things…


…And Lastly


get motivated


Get Motivated

How can you explore new things,

If you are…

    • Sat on your arse
    • Shoving your face with junkfood
    • Avoiding exercise at all cost
    • Stressing like a mo-fo!
    • Drowning in your sorrows
    • Dancing that same octopus dance
    • Hiding from that career wagon
    • Avoiding the breast-feeding hippy groups
    • Complaining that you have no friends
    • Moaning about lost friendships
    • Not going through with your plans
    • Breaking promises
    • Not showing the husband enough appreciation
    • Avoiding books like the plague
    • Spending money you haven’t got
    • Never trying anything new
    • Smashing up the computer in a temper!
    • Always leaving projects unfinished
    • Avoiding humans from the ‘outside’.
    • Burning all your meals to a crisp
    • Complaining about lack of quality time spent with the loved one


and… Staying in that safe place!!!

And with that I shall leave you a quote…


“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”. – unknown.


treadmill fat man


He regrets that fry-up!
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